Dallas / Fort Worth Live Symposium Will Feature Asset Management Solutions to Industry Leaders

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It’s been awhile, North Texas!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

“Emerging Supply Chain Execution Technologies”


Wednesday, April 27th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM @ Mandalay Tower One Conference Center, level  C, Irving, Texas 75039

Join the discussion and visit a global leader on the Internet of Things (IoT)  supply chain vertical. Apptricity kicks off their summer symposium series tour with a live hometown event in North Texas.


Many leaders in the following industries are registered and attending:

  • Energy (Oil and Gas, Green Energy, Field Services)
  • Local Government (Police, Fire, EMS, County Hospitals, Utilities)
  • Construction (building materials, supply chain management
  • Retail (loss prevention, cycle counting, inventory, order automation)

Don’t miss the opportunity to join your Dallas/Fort colleagues at this invitation only event. We are excited to visit with all our friends, so reserve your seat courtesy of Apptricity.

Refreshments will be provided, and registrants will be entered in an iPad drawing at the symposium.

Complimentary Admission HERE

Join CEO, Tim Garcia, as he explores the full range of services and hardware Apptricity offers.

Apptricity is excited to present Asset Management V8.0, the latest update in the widely trusted asset management solutions suite. Building upon the features and technology that made the V7.0 application best-in-class, V8.0 introduces a new, modernized user interface that makes real-time management of assets simple to utilize but detailed in ability.

Completely customized for each client’s specific needs, the asset management suite is always individually tailored and well-integrated with almost 60 ERP systems and still growing. Clients may utilize out-of-the-box functionality or incorporate with existing systems with complete operational control in as little as 30 days.   

We are experts in asset management. Join us at our symposium to explore demonstrations in the newest in-depth features and functionality including:

Asset Mapping: Manage your assets with 360° visibility. Live and fully accessible. The upgraded map design is loaded with a variety of new features to utilize such as:

  • Locations with Boundaries:  V7.0 locations could only be represented as a single point on the map. In V8.0, users can draw specific locations as boundaries. This function allows better representation and differentiation of job sites, buildings, campuses, or any type of managed location.

  • Custom Geofencing: Geofencing in V7.0 was limited to a circle drawn around an asset or location. V8.0 features the ability to create geofences in a multitude of ways and alert users when assets travel in or out of any given boundary.
  • Circular Radius: Define center point and radius
  • Draw a Polygon: Click points around map to create polygon
  • Boundaries of a Location: Geofence creation from predefined location boundaries
  • Movement History: When an asset from the map is selected, users can define a timeframe and view the asset’s movement history. The map will then generate the route history between points by drawing lines to connect motion history until it reaches current location.
  • Custom Asset Icons: V7.0 supported different colored pins to differentiate asset categories on the map. In 8.0, the newly added ability to customize specific icons within the asset category better allows users to display the exact type of asset on the map. Imagine the efficiency of instantly identifying an icon of a water truck instead of a blue pin drop.

Floor Mapping supports the ability to visualize the interior dimensions of your actual building or space.

The newest iteration brings a new level of visualization to indoor asset tracking. Massive improvements were made to the UI/UX providing multiple enhancements to a fascinating floor mapping process:

  • View Floors/Rooms Directly from the Map Users can zoom directly into the building to view floors, rooms, AND the assets located inside them.
  • Blueprint Support In addition to supporting image upload, V8.0 now supports importing building blueprint files which can be overlayed directly onto the map. Precision live viewing is real.
  • Draw Floors/Rooms in a Building Users can create sublocations directly within a building. Clients are setting up floors inside buildings and rooms within floors to best locate assets instantly.

Alerts and Notifications

We always bring your attention to things that matter most.

Software solutions for your business need to be proactive, not reactive. Apptricity Asset Management V8.0 features a new workflow engine that powers alerts and notifications, ensuring users are always aware of the status and custodian of their assets.

  • Customized Alerts
  • The new workflow engine in V8.0 allows users to create alerts on virtually any data point in the system.

  • Notification Methods

Specific alerts may require different sources of notification. V8.0 supports in-app, email, and SMS notifications to ensure that the severity of the alert matches the format of notification.

Asset, Alert, and Notification Groups

Establishing alerts and notifications in the system follows a simple four-step process:

  1. Create an Alert Group – Choose from the list of available alerts or create your own to establish an alert group.
  2. Create an Asset Group – Users can define a grouping of assets that will have similar alerting properties
  3. Create a Notification Group – This defines who will receive a notification when the alert is triggered. Notification groups can be established with users and non-users of the system.
  4. Link the groups together – Now that the groups have been created, users can do the following:
    1. Link Alert Groups to Asset Groups – This dictates the alerts that are generated on each asset in the asset group
    1. Link Notification Groups to Asset Groups – This dictates the people who will receive notifications when an alert is generated

*Real World Example: On all tractors (asset group), I want to be alerted when a scheduled service is approaching in 3 days (alert group). I want my technicians (notification group) to be notified so they can be ready to complete maintenance.

V8.0 is the next evolution of modern asset management platforms with a robust variety of enhancements and integration with custom I-Connect hardware. Apptricity’s goal is to make it easier to track and manage your important assets while creating efficiencies in time and budget.

Contact us to schedule a demo to learn how Apptricity can modernize your asset management strategy with industry leading, cloud-hosted software. Apptricity is committed to providing you the immediate insight, access, and action necessary for successful solutions. We look forward to visiting again soon.


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