Do You Know Where Your Ventilators Are?

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Knowing where your medical equipment is at all times could mean the difference between life and death.

 Track Your Critical Equipment in Real-time 

Imagine the chaos of trying to find IV pumps, x-ray machines, ventilators or other critical hospital equipment in the middle of a crisis. Staff members waste precious minutes trying to find misplaced equipment. Overstocked inventory gathers dust. Perishables expire. Rogue purchases drive up costs, and missed charges result in lost revenue and reimbursements. 

Apptricity’s Asset Management software solutions specially configured for healthcare helps resolve these and other longstanding challenges healthcare professionals face. By tracking assets and automating materials management processes, it lets hospitals and other healthcare facilities perform at the top of their game. It also helps control costs, improves equipment utilization, tightens security, minimizes theft, complies with regulations and meets or exceeds Joint Commission metrics. 

Apptricity’s healthcare tracking technologies provides real-time visibility so that healthcare personnel can see, at a glance, where all medical equipment and supplies are located. 

Asset tracking makes a critical difference especially in urgent care. The ER runs smoother and treats more patients more efficiently, especially in crunch times. Patients experience shorter wait time and an improved overall experience. 

Floor Mapping for Zonal Tracking 

zonal tracking

Patient care rooms are stocked with specific items required to treat medical cases. Keeping these rooms properly stocked is important to patient care. Apptricity’s Asset Management solutions provides healthcare facilities with the ability to upload floor layouts with rooms as locations. Medical equipment and supplies can be assigned to each room. An alert can be sent should the equipment be moved from the room or supplies need restocked. 



EMS healthcare professionalsi are faced with leaving the equipment at a remote site or in the ER during patient treatment. They need a way to track the equipment entering and leaving vehicles. Using RFID tags and GPS, you can turn an emergency vehicle into a “smart ambulance.” This allows EMS technicians, dispatchers and managers to know where all their assets are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling a more efficient dispatch. 360° asset visibility can also reduce or eliminate theft. First responders can focus on the mission when Apptricity’s got their back. 

Drug Management 

drug tracking

According to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), narcotics are required to be kept between 59 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C-30 C) in order to remain effective. When the drugs fall outside of these guidelines, they become useless and must be disposed. Apptricity I-Connect Bluetooth tags provide temperature readings, stock date and expiration to both the mobile and web applications. When any of these metrics exceed thresholds, an alert is sent to an appropriate team member to drive corrective action. 

Real-time, Automated Reporting 


Global Healthcare Exchange reports two thirds of hospital executives lack real time reports with actionable data. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution provides advanced reporting capabilities on any captured data within the system. 

How the Process Works 


Using a ventilator as an example, medical professionals in healthcare facilities need to know: 

  • Where the ventilator is located 
  • Who has control of the ventilator? 
  • What condition the ventilator is in? 
  • How the ventilator has been maintained 
  • What the warranty level is on the ventilator? 
  • When the ventilator is due for an upgrade 
  • If the medical staff has the proper equipment at hand to keep it operating, such as filters, etc. 

Apptricity will sit down with the healthcare professional in charge of the asset tracking project and determine the range of information they need to capture and track for the ventilator. We will then schedule the monitoring and determine what type of alerts you need based on the information to be captured. 

how the process works

The next step is to place an identification tag on the ventilator. It will be connected to the supplied Apptricity edge device to capture the tag’s data. That data could include but is not limited to location in the building, usage history by user, climate environment, usage time before next filter change, and more. 

The Apptricity designed edge devices are designed to pull and push data to the tag on the ventilator. Some of the typical connections we use include: 

  • RFID readers 
  • Wi-Fi connections 
  • Bluetooth 
  • 4G/5G mobile 
  • Satellite/GPS 

This system has been designed to multilayer these options based on your organization’s needs and what is available at your location. 

The real-time data collected by the tags are consolidated in the Apptricity Control Console. It will be converged with a wide array of data integrated from and exported to the various platforms within your enterprise solution, and, if appropriate, outside of it as well. 

The Control Console is highly customizable for each user’s needs. It provides real-time management of your organization’s assets, from their movement to their condition, demand and maintenance, renewal, efficiency and more. With this type of visible data available to you at all times, predictability becomes a significant advantage in your daily operations. 


Delivering Global Real-Time Visibility 

Apptricity is the premier provider of the complete lifecycle management of your assets – from when the asset is procured through its life usage to end of life disposal. You no longer be required to support multiple systems to manage the real-time tracking of your assets. 

We will provide your organization with everything you need to deploy our Enterprise Asset Management solution…all of the hardware, operational software, secure connections, transparent integrations and predictive insights. 

By utilizing the supply chain analytics our solution provides healthcare professionals can see asset usage patterns. This information helps management in their decision-making while ensuring scheduled maintenance of sensitive equipment happens without disrupting care.

A well-organized practice can literally save lives and integrating IoT connectivity can help while maintaining your high standards. Apptricity Asset Management will organize and revolutionize your asset tracking strategy, ensuring the right equipment is in the right place at the right time. 

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