Apptricity’s Armory Asset Management solution directly supports the critical needs to track Military weapons and supporting assets

Trusted by our military to track the who, what, where, and when with Apptricity’s Armory Asset Management Solution

Apptricity’s Armory Asset Management solution directly supports your critical need to control your weapons and their supporting assets. Apptricity offers proven enterprise web and mobile capabilities to streamline and automate the armory management duties of armory personnel making them more efficient and enhancing control.

Apptricity’s solution provides for an enterprise or stand-alone environment with complete automation for check out/in chain of custody, more rapid and accurate inventories, tracking of rounds fired and other maintenance concerns. We cover standard U.S. Army required reports, and allows armorers to generate custom reports. Apptricity can easily create customized reports as required. Armorers are now supported by an integrated asset full life cycle management tool that documents assets from acquisition through disposition.

Armory Asset Management key features include:

  • Hands free check out/in
  • RFID enabled MAL creation/mgmt.
  • Check-in condition
  • Rounds fired collection and mgmt.
  • Visual icons on checked out/in status
  • Prevents double assignments
  • Prevents assignment of non-mission capable equipment
  • CAC card validation and electronic signature for issuer and receiver
  • Supports key dates for personnel and do not issue status supporting check-out/check-in
  • Maintenance due/overdue alerts
  • Ammo inventory and expiration notification
  • Complete maintenance records
  • Real-time armory inventory status with 100% accuracy of all arms room equipment

Armory Asset Management includes the following reports and forms features:

  • Reports supporting the individual customer’s needs
  • Asset by Department
  • Asset in Home Location
  • Asset Not in Home Location
  • Asset Reservations
  • Assets not in the Radius Specified
  • DA Form 2064 – Document Register for Supply Actions
  • DA Form 3749 – Equipment Receipt
  • DA Form 2404/5988 – Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet
  • DA Form 2062 – Asset Hand Receipt
  • Asset Label info
  • Asset Ownership costs
  • Warranty Expiration
  • DA Form 2408-4-1 – Weapons Record Data
  • FB Form 2488-1E Weapons and Ammunition Control Sheet