Cloud-based Asset Tracking Solution

Real-Time Global Asset Tracking

Full control of the lifecycle of your assets

360-Degree Visibility

Apptricity’s Asset Tracking and Management tools enable you to see where all of your assets are, as well as their status, in real time. Whether your assets are mobile or fixed, our solutions give you the critical insights to help you manage them to their fullest capability.

It can provide you with granular details of whatever asset you are tracking from location to maintenance repair, product warranties to department allocations, and so much more.

With our Asset Tracking solution, you can also manage your assets across your organization, tracking them by employee, location and other variables.

With online incident reporting that documents asset problems and defects, you get valuable information that lets you determine the life of your assets.

“It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity asset tracking software have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions.”

Asset Tracking Solutions


Secure cloud computing available in single tenant, multi-tenant, private or FedRamp environment.


Work online or offline. Automatically synchronize data when you reconnect into a WiFi, LTE or Satellite network.


Mobile asset & inventory management application provides real-time asset tracking solution on any Android or iOS device.

Key Features


  • End of life status
  • Location history & geographical mapping
  • Track purchase date, chain of custody & disposition documentation


  • Track maintenance records
  • Monitor depreciation with valuation capabilities
  • Manage warranty information to keep asset up to date on scheduled intervals.


  • Real-time tracking device integration with GPS tags
  • Enforce the location of assets that need to stay in one location with geofencing

Seamless Integration

Our integration software can accept data in the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

Integration Engine

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