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Transform Your Asset Tracking Capabilities

Asset tracking starts and ends with one main goal; knowing their location at any time. With Apptricity’s Asset Tracking application, tracking your assets is just the beginning. Managing the important information about your assets such as condition, maintenance, usage, and more, all with an IoT-enabled, cloud-based solution. With global visibility, automation, and real-time reporting, our clients spend up to 70% less time locating and repairing their assets.

Asset Tracking application can be used separately, or in conjunction with Inventory Management and Work Order Management.

“It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions.”

Apptricity's Unique Integration Capabilities

Unlike the competition, Apptricity’s Applications Integrate with



Asset Tracking Capabilities

Cloud Based Software

Works Online & Offline

Mobile Applications

Lifecycle Management Key Features

  • End of life status
  • Location history & geographical mapping
  • Track purchase date, chain of custody & disposition documentation

Restock & Repair Operations Key Features

  • Track maintenance records
  • Monitor depreciation with valuation capabilities
  • Manage warranty information to keep asset up to date on scheduled intervals.

Alerting & Reporting Key Features

  • Real-time tracking device integration with GPS tags
  • Enforce the location of assets that need to stay in one location with geofencing

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Apptricity Technology Simplifies Your Life

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Rapid Upgrades

New features quickly implement at a much lower cost. Migrating to a new version can occur in as little as one month. Customizations roll-over to new releases.

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Secure Systems

Our software meets the highest security standards, and we extend the same security we offer our government clients to our commercial clients: no possibility of a data breach or co-mingled data.

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Flexible & Easy Configuration

Our business rules engine, workflow and integrated administration tools enable your administrators to dynamically make configurations without IT team assistance. Our applications readily adapt to your organization’s business logic, rules, best practices and compliance requirements.

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Platform Agnostic

Apptricity applications are platform agnostic and highly adaptable. They run on any standard operating system, web browser, application server or mobile technology platforms for iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile tablets.

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Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Apptricity provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop application-specific reports.

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Scale Faster at Lower Cost

As your business grows and changes, Apptricity mobile & web integrations remain intact, readily migrating when needed and adapting easily to new business requirements – all at a low cost.


Apptricity Integrates with Any ERP

Apptricity Integration Engine

Included Connectors for Common ERPs

Our ERP integration enables our software product data to and consumed from external sources.

We can accept data in the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.

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Asset & Inventory Management Resources

Asset Management Overview

Apptricity Asset Management automates and simplifies asset tracking, sweeping away inefficient, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes. See how a 360-degree visibility is possible with automated business rules, alerts and real-time asset tracking.

Asset Management

Inventory Management Overview

Apptricity Inventory Management reduces lost or spoiled inventory and makes it easy to pack and ship. Run inventory reports on stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration detail. Find out how IoT tracking tags can be used in conjunction to get specific location details.

Inventory Management

Asset Management Case Studies

Law Enforcement Asset Case Study

City police departments are responsible for their officers, collected evidence, vehicles, and equipment they use daily. Tracking a wide range of items can be an impossible task. See how we made chain of custody management simple!

Law Enforcement Asset Management


Apptricity’s educational instituatino clients require asset management tracking of IT assets, teaching materials and uniforms. These assets are often at multiple locations and their value combined is highly valuable. In order to avoid loss or theft and ultimately wasted money, Apptricity Asset Management along with IoT tracking devices do just that. Find out how we’re providing the visibility needed.

Education Asset Management


Global Healthcare Exchange reports two thirds of hospital executives lack real time reports with actionable data. Lost gurneys, missing crash carts, stockouts and misplaced heart monitors are not only expensive; but also lost time with patients and other highly valued work. Find out how Apptricity Asset Management helps hospitals save on expired items and stop excess labor.

Healthcare Asset Management

Real-Time Capabilities

Asset Tracking Software Automation

Apptricity Asset Tracking seamlessly integrates with IoT technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, and GPS tags for immediate results delivered to you in savings. Tagging your assets helps prevent theft and reduces the chances that your assets go missing.  Any combinations of barcodes, RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS can be assigned to an asset.

  • LTE and GPS tags provide real-time location services (RTLS) for tracking of vehicles or other high value equipment.
  • RFID tags are used to track anything and everything. Apptricty’s I-Connect controllers can be set up to scan these tags, or by a handheld RFID scanner can be used as well
  • Bluetooth tags can also be used to track just about anything but require an on-board battery. Scan these assets using your smart device running the Apptricity Pinpoint application.

Tracking Devices That Provide Real-Time Visibility

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Learn More about Tracking Your Assets in Real-Time

Find out how our IoT devices can streamline your processes – anywhere, any time, any device. Read about which types of devices are made for your specific needs.

Testimonials From Apptricity Customers & Partners

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