Exceeding customer expectations as a service provider in a world of instant gratification

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Your customers are now accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it. Technological advancements, from self-checkout stations to same-day delivery options, have created a more impatient customer that is used to the satisfaction of instant gratification. This attitude has carried over into the customer expectations of their service providers; including telecom providers, utility providers, equipment service-and-repair companies and other service companies alike. It is your responsibility to meet these increasing customer service demands. It seems impossible, but Machine-to-Machine technologies can help you address the unexpected and exceed your customers’ expectations.


  • Your customers expect same-day service from their providers. If they need you, you should be there. This demand can easily be met by having real-time visibility of the location of service vehicles. Mapping technologies can recognize efficient routing of your technicians and drivers. Dispatchers have a visual display of both the service vehicle location and the desired location for service. This allows for immediate identification of the vehicle in the closest proximity of the service request, without the wait time of sending a technician that is across town.
  • Your customers expect you to have what they want in stock.  Real-time knowledge of the materials and equipment on-board your service vehicle increases your ability to address scheduling changes and ensures your technicians will be able to deliver what the customer has requested. Service industries are using RFID capabilities to track the materials and equipment that enter and leave their vehicles. The inventory of the vehicle is updated in real-time enabling dispatchers to understand their options for supporting unexpected customer requests.
  • Your customers expect to be invoiced correctly and immediately. Integrating work order, inventory, and billing streamlines the back-office and helps you easily embrace your customer’s request for a change. Mobile data helps you automate your business processes through the use of mobile tablets in the field. When you integrate your business process in this way, you ensure that your office seamlessly understands the change that your delivery team addressed. Your office can bill the customer correctly and without delay.

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