TD Auto Finance was able to transform their Expense Management practices with Apptricity Expense, a web-based application that automates expense reporting, simplifying the entire approval and payment process.

 The Old Method:

When TD Auto approached Apptricity about Expense, employees were still filling out an expense report, attaching the physical receipts, signing it, walking it to an approving manager for a signature, then taking it to AP. AP would recalculate and audit the report, making sure the correct documents were attached and manually verify that the individual signing off on the report had authority to do so. If the reports did not pass these phases, the submitter would have to start again.  Once past those steps, the next step involved accounting. Expenses were broken down into ledger lines and manually entered in.  With the manual process, the biggest problem they faced was the lack of visibility and accountability.

Automation with Apptricity Expense:

With Expense, the auto financing company gained significant advantages such as:

Both desktop and mobile access. From mobile, offline access allows the user to create an expense report and upload receipts, and once back online the report will sync with the system – no more waiting for an internet connection to start your expenses!
Support for major global credit cards, bank cards and travel and entertainment (T&E) cards.
A mileage wizard tied to map services for quick, accurate calculations.
Support for more than 160 currencies with continuously updated exchange rates – perfect for global travel!
Ability to select from popular corporate travel management companies or integrate a specific corporate travel agency.
A choice between perpetual licensing and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

The Final Outcome:

Expense delivered complete transparency to their expense management system in addition to saving time, reducing errors and eliminating wasted effort and data storage problems.  They are now able to efficiently process expenses for the nearly 1,500 users who have access to the system.  TD Auto especially likes the ability to manage expenses on the go using virtually any mobile device.  They are pleased with the ability to track individual expense reports, including past processing steps and current status, once again proving that automation provides complete visibility.  Lastly, instead of assigning two or three people to handle all the expense reports, with automation the company only needs one person to manage everything – that’s one person easily overseeing 1,500 users submitting expense reports.

For more information on how TD Auto is thriving with Apptricity Expense, download the case study.

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