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Construction Asset Management software has been disrupting the construction industry since its inception. As a standard for all leading construction management companies globally how are you keeping up?

Reassess the systems you are using now to stay competitive with equipment tracking software that can provide handsome returns year after year. With competition on the rise in an 8.6 billion dollar industry who has to keep up? 

How can you innovate your business with software that wins bigger contracts year after year? 

If you aren’t using m2m and IoT tech in your enterprise, you’re missing out on some very valuable benefits? Check out this list to find out what your missing out on in the newest asset management technology for construction.

Gain insight of where your assets are with RFID tagging

Use RFID tagging and asset-based telematics to track the items you use the most.

With RFID tagging you can prevent loss easily and gain more insight into assets with data driven tagging. For instance, track gasoline usage and lower the risk of workers running up gas costs or violating EPA guidelines. Or, track assets going in and out of each fleet vehicle you have on your sight.

While you’re at it, limiting travel for those assets by using geofencing isn’t a terrible idea either.  

Surpass the standard with Geo-Fencing

Monitor where assets go with geofencing by defining a radius for where, when and within what parameters tools, machines and construction equipment can be moved.

Limit travel radius of assets from one site to the next, within a designated route, or within a single site. With geofencing you have visibility into where your assets go at all times. 

With RFID tracking and Geofencing gain full visibility over your construction yard management.

Construction Asset Management Gone Mobile

Construction projects located in various areas, general contractors utilizing assets on site. It can all be hard to track. With IoT technology connected to a mobile tracking application, finding equipment and supplies no longer takes hours, hindering job performance deadlines.

Assign assets, manage chain of custody of equipment and materials or confine expensive equipment to a set radius. All done at the touch of a button. No signal? Our mobile application works, both, online and offline. Make needed adjustments in the field and when you reach an area with connectivity, the application updates the information in the cloud.

Safety Standards

Safety is of utmost importance when ensuring the security of workers. Risking the safety of your employees with machinery that is overdue for maintenance? How can you stay up to date and keep up with routine maintenance?

Simplify tracking with automated tools that will track for you.  

Apptricity asset tracking can store all documentation surrounding an asset such as maintenance and work order records. It automatically documents the lifecycle of your machinery, tools, and other items needed to support your enterprise. Keep track of maintenance and maintenance logs with a construction asset management solution. Get alerts when an asset is due for routine checkups or close to end of life.

By investing in construction asset management software, you can innovate your business to exceed industry standards and other sweet benefits that add up too: 

  • Track and control the value of your company
  • Monitor the value of you business
  • Watch your expenses decrease month to month.

Shrug off competition by incorporating your asset management system into new contracts as a step above the rest. Companies with this tracking standard in place see an increase in ROI within months.

Those who aren’t utilizing the latest software, aren’t receiving second looks for contract bids. Your company will with the latest tracking system in place. How’s that for improving ROI year after year? 

Now that I’ve earned your attention let’s delve into what we can do for your company profile.

One of the most important aspects of a company profile when positioning itself as a leader in the industry is efficiency. The other is results delivered as promised. The more efficient your construction company is, the faster it can move on to the next big win.

How do companies become a viable option for bigger and better opportunities? They stay on top of the time frame and provide great results for clients. Those standards seem minuscule but recommendations and positive feedback might be the extra inch you need to win big. Companies want to sign million dollar contracts with a reliable, efficient company, how do you stack up?

Moral of the story?

Create a strong reputation for your construction company with IoT and m2m solutions that work for you.

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