Five Reasons Why Your Enterprise Asset Management Needs an SoO

The Apptricity enterprise asset management solution keeps businesses moving.

Enterprise asset management solution success requires an expert in IoT for gaining real-time insights into crucial data for every asset, piece of machinery, and capital equipment.

Supply chain efforts in all segments have important assets that must stay operational. Tracking and managing assets goes far deeper than only depreciation calculations. It is important to understand an asset’s lifespan and when to dispose of assets to calculate a beneficial gain or loss. The moment of purchase, throughout its useful life, and into retirement, each asset achieves peak performance with an easy to use enterprise asset management solution.

How do deeper needs translate into solutions for Apptricity clients? Track purchases, access user guides, store spec sheets, warranty information, usage hours, and maintenance history to maximize the lifespan of your assets. The application also monitors parts replacement, predicts maintenance, and can automatically trigger service calls and parts requests. Preventive maintenance can save exponential costs, increase ROI, and increase productivity.

Case Point: “We have an assembly line stacked with very expensive machines. We have back-up units, a parts warehouse, and many service bays and storage areas. Everything is tracked and accounted for in real-time. Our efficiency skyrocketed and we are almost never operationally impacted by downtime. We know where everything is and who has it.”

What do clients of Apptricity gain from a System of Operations (SoO)?

Apptricity IoT devices provide real-time tracking, and analytics that provide immediate insight into the location of assets, status, and maintenance.

·  Real-time insight into asset condition, parts degradation

·  Integrated IoT devices

·  Visibility into the location, history, and service dates of all capital equipment

·  View assets and manufacturing efforts across locations and facilities in real-time

·  Reduce downtime by scheduling service and maintenance

The Five Reasons Your Business needs Apptricity for EAM Solutions, Revealed:

1.   Indoor Positioning Services (IPS) allow clients to upload floor maps for any location and track assets in real-time at their specific locations inside. Define room or section boundaries to further locate an asset. Apptricity I-Connect hardware provides real-time insights into asset location inside any building, factory, or warehouse location.

2.   Check-In/Check-Out functionality allows clients to check out items to users and maintain full ownership history for any asset. Time spent in every location is captured and logged for each asset. Reporting is robust and complete to see which items are checked out and need to be checked back in or are out for service, etc. Custodianship is never unknown.

3.   Geofencing establishes perimeters around the locations of assets to alert users when assets are moved outside of their specified authorized locations. These instant alerts create an immediate response and course of action to ensure quality control. Essentially, keeping items where they belong.

4.   Predictive and Preventive Maintenance establishes advanced service date management with IoT technology. Data collection and analysis yield metrics that calculate component wear and service needs. Extending useful life of capital equipment returns positive ROI and efficiencies of scale.

5.   ROI, ROT (Return on Time), and Operational Efficiencies create a reduction in downtime, faster time to action, pointed scheduling of service and maintenance, and reduction in misplacement/theft of components/equipment.

Apptricity live webinar series has launched. Tune in for expert content and shows you will not want to miss.

The Apptricity All-Star Webinar Series kicked off as subject matter expert and product manager, Christian Garcia showcased key information on tagging technologies for modern supply chain efforts.

Many companies have been using barcodes successfully for years, so why is the switch to RFID necessary? The first webinar covered the basic technology behind barcode and RFID tags, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both, and helped determine what solution is best for tracking assets and inventory across the supply chain. Apptricity experts are well versed in all of the technologies including LTE/Cellular, Bluetooth energy, and satellite GPS tracking and location services. 

If you are interested in the newest technology in supply chain management, join this series where you will learn:

·  The difference between barcode and RFID tags

·  How radiofrequency works

·  How to implement an RFID solution

·  Indoor positioning primer

·  Indoor tracking technology usage cases

·  The 3 P’s: Presence, Proximity, Position

·  Cost effective IPS solutions

·  Tracking technique technology comparisons

Apptricity is an expert IoT industry leader providing the ability to operate as a System of Operations (SoO) or integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions.

Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Reach out here to see how the experts at Apptricity can help any-sized business solve issues with IoT.

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