Last week, experts from Apptricity joined the 2016 Verizon Connected Community Tour at City Hall in Dallas, Texas. The educational

Steve Dunlap, Senior Project Manager, Supply Chain of Apptricity

Steve Dunlap, Senior Project Manager, Apptricity, presenting Apptricity Field Services at Verizon Connected Community Tour.

sessions included speakers from the City of Dallas, Verizon Network and Verizon Partners. Speaker topics included:

  • Making fleet and public works more efficient by automating workflow
  • Monitoring fleet’s location and travel habits, while saving money on fuel and reducing emissions
  • Reducing energy consumption by using smart lighting
  • Creating safety and security barriers for employees and citizens

The Smart Commercial Lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.8% by 2022. The intelligent lighting includes LED lighting, digital cameras, embedded sensors, and energy analytics. You can have various different functions; including, different colors and digital signage for visual communication. Such systems are put in place to make buildings intelligent, collect data that can help companies be more productive, use space more efficiently, manage energy costs and gain insight into business operations across the entire enterprise. The use of systems like these make for a more information-fueled city, and would make the streets, parks, and public buildings safer for employees and residents of the City of Dallas.

Another interesting take-away was the improvement in fleet management provided by wireless technology and connected systems. New technologies deliver real-time information, such as: speed violations, repair alerts, theft avoidance data, and even reports to track progress against mandated emission reductions. It is clear that such features simplify and streamline fleet management and therefore increase efficiency while reducing time and cost. Although too much information can seem like overload, it is important to have more information than not enough. Connecting fleet data to field services data with an automated mobile platform improves productivity of service technicians in the field, inventory accuracy, and visibility into work order history.

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