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Ensuring students have the ability to engage in learning from wherever is going to be critical in the coming school year.  But access is only half the battle.  Managing and tracking devices used to access your district’s curriculum is just as critical.   

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, millions of dollars will be spent by districts this year to properly equip students.  These One-to-One Computing initiatives make remote learning possible but also create a challenge when it comes to accountability and asset tracking.  Devices intended for students and staff will need to be stored, distributed and tracked within school facilities, as they leave the campus and as they return to the classroom.  

This is where Apptricity Asset Tracking comes in.  Using simple RFID tags, Apptricity can improve accountability by providing check-in / check-out capabilities, real-time automated asset scans and a record of distribution whether to staff members or students.  In adding to all of this, Apptricity provides full lifecycle management of every valuable asset in your inventory.

Check out our video to see how one mayor is thinking through eLearning this year.

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