Apptricity GOVERNMENTAL and MUNICIPALITY supply chain operations Software

Apptricity’s solutions are trusted by Federal, State, and Local
Government organizations across the United States

No matter what branch of government your organization is in, Apptricity’s wide range of cloud-hosted, IoT-enabled solutions can help solve the unique problems you face. Providing solutions for the public safety sectors of EMS, law enforcement, and fire, while also providing solutions for facility management, and education, Apptricity’s application architecture exceeds even the most rigorous security standards while still providing an intuitive user interface for easy use. Select one of the options below to learn more about how Apptricity’s solutions can help your organization

Public Safety

Asset and Inventory Management solutions for Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMS organizations


Track and manage any materials, from IT equipment, to school-owned lab equipment, and more with Apptricity’s Asset and Inventory Management solutions.

Facilities Management

Apptricity’s Enterprise Asset Management solution helps you track and manage assets across different departments and buildings.

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors  enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.

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