Government IoT projects support education and strengthen public safety against catastrophe

Neighbors and families are welcoming modern community services. Advancing government IoT programs are bursting into the spotlight. Many groups are already implementing some fascinating systems.

Did you know that Apptricity works with the government sector every day? Apptricity’s solutions are trusted by Federal, State, and Local Government organizations across the United States.

No matter what branch of government your organization is in, Apptricity’s wide range of cloud-hosted, IoT-enabled solutions can help solve the unique problems you face.

Providing solutions for the public safety sectors of EMS, law enforcement, and fire, while also providing solutions for facility management, and education, Apptricity’s application architecture exceeds even the most rigorous security standards while still providing an intuitive user interface for easy use.

Government Iot

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Law Enforcement. Fire Departments. EMS. Community Frontlines Deserve the Best.

During the recent pandemic, we witnessed pain points around inventory shortages/overstocks and supply chain related timing issues.

Time-sensitive inventory was wasted by expiration, ruined in transit, lost, and even stolen.

But with Apptricity’s IoT tagging technology, users gain immediate visibility into the quantities of important inventory items. Whether tracked at the warehouse storehouse, or inside a vehicle, Apptricity’s I-Controllers can scan in real-time the quantity of a specific SKU. Reorder points can be set to trigger automatic generation of purchase orders with custom business rules in the system.

Law enforcement, fire, and EMS provide vital services for maintaining the well-being of the citizens they serve.

When it comes to Asset, and Inventory management, city managers trust Apptricity to provide the hardware and software solutions that give visibility into the location, quantity, and condition of their important equipment.

Apptricity’s applications are certified to run on the highest security cloud servers, ensuring that your information is safe and secure, but can also be deployed on-premises if required.

Read our case-study below about Austin-Travis County and their utilization of IoT for EMS.

Austin-Travis County, Texas utilizes IoT for EMS

Patient fast, patient first. That’s the goal of emergency medical technicians (EMT) on every field call. Their work is in the center of chaotic events during an emergency. The right quantities of crucial life-saving inventory are a necessity. The EMT team and dispatcher needs to know everything is available and in its right condition and location.

One ambulance is hard enough to stock, manage, and track. The thought of supply chain tracking for a fleet of high-tech ambulances serving a population of over 2.2 million residents over 1035 square miles is daunting. That’s the reality of the Austin Travis County EMS.

Apptricity’s Asset Management solutions features web and mobile applications that facilitate processes. Our Mobile Asset application scans tags associated with items then assigns them to a user.  From the web, users can see a full assignment history, as well as the amount of time spend in the custodianship of each person.

Pre-School? Old-School? New-School? IoT makes education resources student centered

Students. Educators. It really doesn’t matter what level we analyze. Education is best served when teachers have exactly what they need when they need it. We know how much time and effort our educators waste locating shared teaching assets. School district asset tracking solutions are a necessity, not a luxury item.

Real-time asset tracking not only locates, but pinpoint’s exact location

Asset tracking is a widely successful form of IoT that creates massive efficiencies from staffing to supplies.

It doesn’t matter if we have a school district, university, or private school tracking 10,000 laptops, football equipment, laboratory assets, machinery, etc.…The truth is that every efficiency afforded to every educational institution promotes an environment where the focal point stays with the student.


A full ownership history can be tracked with a barcode, RFID, or BLE tag associated with an asset.

Ownership by Department

Schools have several departments, all of which have assets they manage. Apptricity can eliminate the confusion of asset owners by defining the department ownership at department level

Educators finding that these cost and time-saving processes can be reallocated to students

Budget savings in areas that can be automated with real time equipment tracking software and hardware can be reallocated directly to student resources. Similarly, facilities management departments are finding cost and time saving supply chain process solutions for their vulnerabilities.

Government IoT is finding success in multiple areas including emergency services, education, and public utilities. Apptricity provides solutions that are fully customized and fully compatible with 58 different ERP systems. Now is the time to stay ahead of the trending technology in government IoT systems. Schedule your assessment for immediate access, immediate insight, and immediate action here.

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