Safeguard patient data
and reduce equipment loss

Track the who, where, and when of all your vital assets
with Apptricity’s Healthcare Asset Management Software

In today’s healthcare environment, scrambling for supplies is a daily nightmare. The chaos of trying to find IV pumps, x-ray machines, ventilators, or other critical hospital equipment in the middle of a crisis. Staff members waste precious minutes trying to find misplaced equipment. And overstocked inventory gathers dust while perishables expire. Rogue purchases drive up costs, and missed charges result in lost revenue and reimbursements.

Apptricity’s Asset Management software solution specially configured for healthcare helps resolve these and other longstanding challenges healthcare professionals face. By tracking assets and automating materials management processes, it lets hospitals and other healthcare facilities perform at the top of their game. It also helps control costs, reduces equipment leasing, tightens security, minimizes theft, complies with regulations and meets or exceeds PIQ Joint Commission metrics.