How can your company’s manufacturing and/or distribution process reduce time inefficiencies and increase profitability while avoiding typical asset tracking pitfalls?

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Reports of asset tracking concerns are multiplying. Vertical or industry variables make little difference. Why is it happening? Experts have offered reasonably vague answers. Pandemic. Fuel prices. Global supply chain crises. War. Inflation. A looming recession. Whatever the case may be, Apptricity provides a System of Operations (SoO) to maximize real-time visibility solutions and control in one application.

Apptricity is solving asset tracking and inventory management problems in a variety of industrial, manufacturing, and distribution businesses. The SoO (System of Operations) provides real-time information and metric intelligence for every asset, regardless of location. Learn more about Apptricity’s platform to manage every corporate asset here.

Manufacturers of all sizes are implementing IoT technology for asset tracking and management efforts in the equipment lifecycle. It doesn’t matter the business size or segment. It might be industry giant manufacturers like Apple, Toyota, Nestle, Dell, Proctor & Gamble, Becton Dickinson, Medtronic, or Dow DuPont. It could be a small operation, manufacturing expensive technical components for a handful of aerospace clients. Companies large and small are realizing time and financial efficiencies via IoT systems.

Likewise, businesses centered on the distribution process and operations are continuing to increase the utilization of IoT technology. Complex scenarios are often the case in professional distribution channels. Total visibility and accountability are often lost “in the dark” once a product leaves packaging.

One manufacturer may decide to sell directly to business segments. Another manufacturer may utilize 3rd-party distributors or dealers to channel products to clients. There are multiple channels to track and keep organized.

Large distributors like Grainger, Fastenal, WESCO, U-line, and Quill are delivering expensive gasses, industrial supplies, machinery, drilling parts, engines, machine components, trailers, and vehicles. With such valuable cargo, it is vital that these assets do not get lost within the supply chain. There are many distribution companies that provide tools or materials to manufacturers for essential production. There is a lot to keep track of!

Apptricity provides the benefits of an IoT tracking solution for manufacturing clients in one user-centered application.

The strategy and success of solutions hinge upon listening to and focusing on a client’s desired outcome for any given issue.

The Apptricity application chronicles client manufacturing issues; accountability, and delivers a system of real-time visualization for all the capital equipment and critical assets to your business.  

An efficient solution in the manufacturing world is the ability to “stay ahead” of your capital equipment and assets. These are some of the phrases we keep hearing on job sites:

“Where are all the mobile tool sets? We didn’t know these production machines were down for maintenance, this week. Do both drill presses need service? How much longer will our welding units and lifts last? Did we order new hydraulics?”

The SoO (System of Operation) affords better business efficiencies by creating a more targeted and automated approach to data-supported, operational streamlining. That means an advanced benefit to:

·  Detailed analytics for maintenance repair ops. (MRO)

·  Product warranties and user guides

·  Lifecycle management

·  Incident reporting (with cost tracking)

·  Maintenance scheduling

·  Department allocations

·  Location, geofencing, zonal tracking

·  Custodial ownership (who has it, had it, responsibility)

·  Asset depreciation

The product is ready for delivery. Time to buckle up for the rough road of distribution!

The distribution goal is accountability and transparency from the production site to the end-user. How many times do consumers wait for parts or components to fix household appliances, vehicles, or tools necessary to finish a job? The very same issue exists for commercial organizations waiting for important product deliveries.

Why is achieving process accountability inherently difficult for distribution managers? Is it lost, broken, in-transit, stolen, or delivered? What are the benefits of an IoT solution? Apptricity devices, sensors, readers, etc. paired with the newest version of the software application provide benefits such as:

·  Time efficiency

·  Cost efficiency

·  Capital equipment management  

·  Personnel

·  Security of perimeters/floors/areas/geofencing

·  Inventory and materials

·  Internal and external distribution/vendor automation

·  Responsible party or custodian

·  Service/maintenance/work orders/life of equipment

·  SoO (System of Operation)

Apptricity is an IoT industry leader, providing an application with significant ROI, a brilliant user experience, and the ability to integrate into almost 60 ERP providers. Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Contact us here to see how Apptricity can help any sized business.

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