How Does a GPS Tracking System Help my Fleet Management?

Fleet vehicle and inventory are loaded and tracked by GPS.

I have an expanding service team with a growing fleet. What can a GPS tracking system do for my fleet organization?

Apptricity has IoT solutions for managing fleets of all sizes. A fleet tracking system tracks each vehicle in your entire roster of vehicles. Apptricity takes intuitive functionality to even deeper levels, including real-time inventory counting, asset maintenance management, and service ticket or work order generation. The SoO (System of Operation) can provide the location and status of inventory and equipment in every vehicle.

Fleets come in many sizes, usages, and forms. There are massive fleets of rental cars, rental trucks, farm and ranch vehicles, roadside safety crews, corporate vehicles, forestry vehicles, state police, emergency services vehicles, distribution vehicles, commercial delivery, residential, and military fleets.

Apptricity experts in IoT have experience with some of the largest fleets operating in North America. For example, Verizon is a client and partner for their fleet of Fios Service Vehicles. Every vehicle is located in real-time, and the inventory and equipment inside is counted and updated by RFID and/or BTE. Clients have a holistic, real-time view of their total fleet and can see real-time inventory in every fleet vehicle.

Implementing a GPS-based fleet tracking system creates a real-time moving web of service and supplies with total transparency.

Product Installation and Delivery:

“Our company has a fleet of service and delivery trucks delivering and installing measurement instrumentation. Our install and service engineers perform calibrations, repairs, and certifications. The vehicles carry a variety of high-value mechanical components and instrumentation. We love the ability to reroute vehicles for special circumstances like extra hands, extra supplies, and extra tools and installation equipment.”

Communications and Digital Infrastructure:

“Verizon Fios utilizes the Apptricity SoO solution for real-time information into each vehicle’s current and historical location, the inventory onboard, and the time at each location. The robust data sets and metric analysis give the fleet manager the ability to alter or adjust on the fly.


“We have six truck yards in four areas of the state. There are a dozen cranes, ten mobile workshop trailers, a few hundred construction vehicles and haulers, thirty or forty commercial equipment boxes filled with tools, generators, forklifts, crane attachments, etc. Before we implemented the fleet tracking system, we were flying in the dark. Now, we know where EVERY piece of equipment, yellow iron, and vehicle is at any moment.


“Our company supplies officially branded college clothing, wares, and merchandise all over the United States. We have thirty-five trailers and haulers at the warehouse, all filled with inventory. Once those trailers left the home warehouse, we used to have no idea where our goods were until they were received. Now we have total transparency and real-time updates about location and delivery times.”  

Apptricity’s GPS Fleet Management Software suite is the complete solution.

Apptricity’s GPS Fleet Management Software provides management for each vehicle in your fleet. Functionality includes the ability to have mapped locations for each vehicle, driver behavior analysis, work order scheduling, and work order execution processes.

It’s all possible from a single application. The web and mobile software combined with Apptricity’s variety of hardware, ensures total visibility into the location and stock of each vehicle in your fleet. Further, it lets drivers see their vehicle inventory and assigned work orders on their tablet.

The Apptricity corporation provides IoT devices, software, and applications for RTLS management efforts. Apptricity has long been a partner and client of the United States Army, United States Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Brinks, Verizon, AT&T, San Bernardino Public Health Department, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.     

Apptricity is an expert IoT industry leader providing the ability to operate as a System of Operations (SoO) or integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions.

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