EAM Software Transforms Fleet Management & Field Services


You can’t manage what you can’t see.

EAM Software Transforms Fleet Management & Field Services

No matter your industry, if you’re in the business of fleet management or offer field services, it’s up to you to keep a close eye on a lot of moving pieces. From fleet vehicles to the valuables inside, there’s a lot to monitor.

And it’s valuable equipment you’re working with. Each vehicle that makes up a company’s fleet is a capital-intensive asset to have in the field, especially when it’s full of your other equipment and resources. To get the best possible Return on Assets, it’s important to always know every asset’s location, custody, and condition.

Without this detailed visibility, you miss out on real-time data on an asset’s state of repair, the employee in charge of it at the moment, warranty status, monetary value, the number of assets on board, even its temperature. This kind of data regularly goes under companies’ radars, costing them valuable opportunities.


EAM Software Solutions for Managing Assets on the Move

The good news? Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) resources can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to make your fleets and equipment smart enough to handle a competitive market! No matter the size or type of fleet, these solutions can integrate with yours to give you the insight you need. Whether your van is your office or you simply rely on rented heavy equipment, there’s an EAM software solution for you.

Improving Communication Among the issues faced by all members of the supply chain is lack of communication. A poll recently showed 86% of employees believed that communication-related problems are what cause team problems and failures. That’s why, when your rubber hits the road every day, you want both dispatchers and drivers to have the tools they need to relay info in real-time, keeping records while they’re at it.

Improving Organization These records ensure well-stocked and organized warehouses because every piece of inventory and equipment is tagged and accounted for. This, of course, keeps all parties in the know regarding how many of each component need to be ordered to avoid storing unnecessary amounts or being underprepared.

Improving Accountability When false claims are leveled against drivers or other employees, a GPS-enabled vehicle provides evidence that can protect them. Conversely, the same technology works to promote accountability among staff members.


The “How” of EAM Software

The Hardware Companies begin by attaching RFID tags, sensors, and GPS units to fleet vehicles and to items inside that need tracking. They can then use a centralized app to view and analyze the gathered data. With this type of EAM software system giving you decision-driving information, it’s easy to make your company the most efficient and productive it can be.

The Analysis A cloud-based EAM solution can give you real-time insight on where your fleet’s vehicles are, exactly how many of a resource or equipment are in a vehicle, where a vehicle needs to be, and when, how many miles are on a vehicle and so much more. With this data, analysis can give you game-changing insight that can keep you ready to pivot whenever necessary. You can even use this live data to restock vehicles in the field.


Tracking Peace of Mind

You can’t manage what you can’t see. When the state of your delivery and field tools are at your fingertips, your role in the supply chain becomes highly proactive.

But as you read about here, seeing is believing, schedule a demo today!

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