Information OverloadIn an ATD article written by Juliana Stancampiano, CEO of Oxygen Learning, she reminds us that “We are constantly being bombarded by information. Our phones ring, text, and connect us to the Internet. We engage in multiple chat sessions with colleagues. We try to focus on work discussions while the news runs in the background. Clearly, there is no shortage of information on any given subject.”

With all these distractions and demands on your employee’s attention, how can you ensure they are effectively trained?

Juliana explains that “Adults need to receive information, understand why it’s important to us, then have time to work with it and understand the application to make it part of our lives on a consistent basis.” She goes on to state “Organizations try to hire smart people, right? So let’s believe that if they receive the right tools and basics to be successful and know where to find the rest, they are armed enough to be able to do their job in a way that the company expects.”

At Apptricity, our professional training curriculum offers students the ability for hands-on learning with specific activities designed to mimic daily tasks using our software. Students not only understand how to use the system, but leave with a strong understanding of when and why it will be useful in their daily activities.

This article was first featured in the 2016 April Apptricity University Newsletter.

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