How will IoT tagging technology benefit your company’s current and future supply chain strategies?

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The post-pandemic landscape changed supply chain management best practices across most business segments. Real-time global visibility is now a necessity to avoid disruptions in your company’s supply chain lifecycle.

Learn how Apptricity maximizes supply chain management efficiencies.

A System of Operations (SoO) affords maximized business efficiencies by creating a real-time, comprehensive view of the supply chain process. Apptricity’s tagging devices and software applications provide users visible accountability at every supply chain stage:

Supplier ordersProcurementMaterialsStagingProduction

Apptricity recognizes the mainstays of supply chain management success. Sourcing, storing, and routing raw materials into production must be seamlessly tracked. Similarly, knowing the correct quantity and type of product components available in real-time is mandatory. Managers should never lose an accountable view of anything from materials procurement to assembly and through packaging, storage, distribution channels, and logistical delivery. Apptricity’s tagging capabilities stonewall blind spots in the supply chain process.

The growth of IoT devices in supply chain efforts continues at an exponential pace. More devices in use mean more data and better metric accuracy.   

The global number of IoT- connected devices was forecasted to grow from 30.73 billion devices in 2020 to 75.44 billion devices by 2025. 

The RFID market is poised to lead IoT with a projected value of USD $35.6 billion by the year 2030. 2022 projections show a USD $14.5 billion market valuation. The implementation of IoT is now well-established.

Apptricity affords better business efficiencies by creating a more targeted and automated approach to data-supported, operational streamlining. The real-time and historical capture of data helps Apptricity clients identify key metrics associated with supply chain disruptions such as security breaches, corporate financial issues, war, weather, disasters, piracy, theft in transport, and damages.

Apptricity’s devices and RFID tracking tags are tracking millions of assets worldwide for multinational corporations and government agencies. Clients and partners include the US Army and US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Brinks, AT&T, Sacramento County, and San Bernardino County. Apptricity’s tracking tag technology provides an extensive, flexible, and affordable solution no matter the stage of your company.

The benefits come from knowing the right “things.” IoT devices, software, and applications from one company prove that under-one-roof experts really exist.

What does Apptricity’s tagging technology provide for clients in real-time?

·  Up-to-the-minute insights into supply chain metrics

·  Total visibility of location, quantity, logistical history

·  Inventory across locations and facilities

·  Track quantities during transit and distribution

·  Reduction of shrinkage, loss, misrouting, and theft   

Apptricity’s software application and devices provide advanced RFID tracking technology for RFID tracking tags. Features of the application include a detailed location of inventory. Automated cycle counting eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming processes. Expiration date management and automated reorder generation ensure acceptable levels of stock. A catalog of every item helps users generate key insight reports with specific historical and real-time datasets.

Apptricity is an IoT industry leader providing an application with significant ROI, and the ability to integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions. Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Contact us here to see how Apptricity can help any size business solve supply chain issues.

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