Utilize the power of the Internet of Things with Apptricity’s Industrial IoT Platform

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, represents all devices, scanners, sensors, and machines that are connected to the internet. Each of these can exchange data via network connectivity, allowing information about a device’s surroundings to be communicated in up to real-time. This technology has become increasingly popular in the consumer world, with items like refrigerators, watches, thermostats, and more being connected to the internet to exchange information.

Apptricity’s IoT Architecture

As this technology has been adopted worldwide, supply chain management is one of the key areas where the IoT has provided a wealth of value. Apptricity’s IoT Architecture paired with our cloud-based Asset and Inventory Management solutions tackles the hardest challenges faced in any supply chain. Our architecture consists of four key layers that comprise our platform:.

Device Layer

Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware contains a full catalog of RFID, BLE, and LTE tags, along with edge devices that scan each tag type

Network Layer

Each scanner communicates scan information through WiFi, LTE, Ethernet, M1, or LoRa connectivity

Service Layer

Apptricity’s microservices and pipeline architecture is built to scale, processing billions of asset and inventory scans in real-time throughout the day

Content Layer

Apptricity’s cloud-based Asset, Inventory, and Field Service Management solutions present the data in a rich user-interface built for performance and ease of use

Connectors for Common ERPs

Apptricity’s ERP integration enables our software products to process data-to, and consumed from external sources.