Utilize the power of the Internet of Things with Apptricity’s Industrial IoT Platform

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, represents all devices, scanners, sensors, and machines that are connected to the internet. Each of these can exchange data via network connectivity, allowing information about a device’s surroundings to be communicated in up to real-time. This technology has become increasingly popular in the consumer world, with items like refrigerators, watches, thermostats, and more being connected to the internet to exchange information.

Apptricity’s IoT Architecture

As this technology has been adopted worldwide, supply chain management is one of the key areas where the IoT has provided a wealth of value. Apptricity’s IoT Architecture paired with our cloud-based Asset and Inventory Management solutions tackles the hardest challenges faced in any supply chain. Our architecture consists of four key layers that comprise our platform:.

Barcode/QR Code

Cheap and easy to use, barcodes are the most commonly used tags around the world. While they are widely available, they are subject to wear and tear and require direct line of sight for scanning and tracking.

Passive RFID

These tags provide all of the same information as barcodes, but do not require direct line of sight for scanning. Passive RFID tags generally cost a few cents each and are easy to deploy. These tags do not contain a power supply, meaning that they must rely on the RFID scan to power the antenna long enough to report.

Bluetooth Low Energy
BLE Beacons

These beacon tags send out information every few seconds to be picked up by a receiver. Apptricity’s I-Connect tags have an optional GPS component that allows the tag to report its latitude and longitude coordinates. With an active power supply, these tags can provide up to real-time tracking as long as a Bluetooth receiver is in range.

Real Time Location Services

These tags have an active data plan similar to your cellphone or connected smart device which allows them to send information via the LTE cellular network. These tags come in a variety of power configurations, including battery powered and battery assisted, which give you the ability to deploy them in a number of different situations.

Satellite Tags

These tags connect to the network via satellite communication and are often used in remote areas where LTE signal is not guaranteed. With an on-board GPS antenna, these tags are perfect for real-time tracking of high-value assets without the need for strong cellular coverage.

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors  enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.