CPG is morphing at warp speed. Apptricity 360° asset visibility propels you ahead.

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It’s not your grandfather’s CPG industry. Retailers are battling for technology-enabled sweet spots like “click and collect,” “click and deliver,” and integrated ERP-driven omnichannel models that take geotargeting and personalization to a new level. Automated processes and total asset visibility are a must. Apptricity Asset and related Apptricity mix-and-match software modules give you what you need to compete in a daunting yet exhilarating world awash in emerging opportunities.

Secure, cloud-based Apptricity Asset, M2M software solutions let you track goods, vehicles, and equipment anywhere in the world; manage them by criteria ranging from location to expiration; harmonize logistics with emerging consumer ordering models in real time; reveal patterns of flow and usage via Apptricity analytics; and audit cost efficiencies across entire supply chains.

In a dynamic, disruptive field like CPG, your information systems must morph at top speed to seamlessly integrate with other emerging technologies and data structures, scale to the exploding pace of big data, yet remain easy to understand and use, so mere mortals can get productive and stay productive right out of the chute. That’s what you get with Apptricity.


Our asset management software customers include Nestlé, global bottler Cott, and Reddy Ice — America’s largest maker and distributor of packaged ice products. Worth noting: innovative retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond rely on us for expense management. And our solutions are so secure, the US Department of Defense and US Army Logistics rely on us as well.

The Apptricity Asset integrated solution suite helps you improve financials by operating with lean inventories in an emerging world of real-time demands. It enables more robust coordination with suppliers and customers. Stronger support for contractual and regulatory compliance including Sarbanes-Oxley.

The underlying platform-agnostic Apptricity technology framework speeds and simplifies solution development and deployment, substantially mitigating project risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Apptricity software modules that stand alone or seamlessly integrate into scalable global solutions.

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With Apptricity, you can make better purchasing decisions and minimize misdirected and misplaced inventory. Centralized, up-to-the-minute visibility helps you maintain control as inventory moves to a new location or through the supply chain. Real-time exception reporting helps you manage shipped goods. Apptricity solutions are fully compatible with Automated Identification Data Collection (AIDC) technologies including (but not limited to) RFID, EDI, and barcode scanners.

Now is the time to automate asset and CPG inventory management across the supply chain. Start with a single Apptricity component or a complete solution. Either way, you get an integrated mobile solution that gives you a competitive edge while streamlining operations and improving financials.

Achieve End-to-End Control

  • Seamlessly integrates with any back-end system, including custom legacy solutions and automation systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs) to extend control to critical areas of your enterprise.
  • Readily scales to cover hundreds of locations or a single facility.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of inventory levels using multiple categories, including stock keeping unit (SKU), product type, barcode, manufacturer, supplier and facility.
  • Improves inventory accuracy and efficiency by offering multiple receiving methods; integrates with ASN.
  • Uses RFID and other wireless ID technologies to deliver actionable information on quantity, location, condition, status and other storage and shipping data.
  • Lets you set and reset business rules to meet advanced control requirements, including the handling of hazardous materials, use-by dates, and other criteria.
  • Offers full mobile support, including iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone® devices.

Make CPG Operations More Efficient and Keep a Lid on Costs

  • Offers complete multi-site visibility into receiving, inventory and shipments, giving you over-sight/control with money-saving efficiencies.
  • Integrates with point-of-sale applications, a major advantage for managing lean inventories and competing in the new real-time online environments.
  • Reduces labor and storage costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels; improves accuracy by optimizing replenishment points and lead times.
  • Shows location of item by facility; helps ensure product quality and reduces spoilage via monitoring by shelf life, expiration date, product and more; generates out-of-the box reports and performs ad hoc reporting.
  • Speeds fulfillment and eliminates slowdowns due to backorders, stockouts and shortages.
  • Integrates with existing legacy systems and other technologies, including ordering applications and accounting systems.
Explore all the ways Apptricity Asset and Inventory Management can make CPG operations more efficient, keep the lid on costs and propel your organization ahead of the curve.

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