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Education asset tracking software helps you focus on teaching, not equipment and supplies.


Schools and campuses are relatively open environments with dynamic flows of people and assets. These may include school-issued computers and textbooks, audiovisual equipment, sports equipment, science and language lab equipment, musical instruments, fixed assets, and specialized gear or vehicles for special needs students. These items require education/school asset tracking software.

Think of all the shared assets that need to be in the right place at the right time. They ensure effective school operations and help avoid disruptions while maintaining service for the student/faculty population. Further, schools and school systems are challenged to manage assets and protect from theft and loss. This has become an ongoing issue for many institutions. Manual tracking and audits impose time penalties on teachers, administrators, and staff.

How Apptricity can help

For schools and school systems using Apptricity, those days are over. Fully integrated education asset tracking software solutions track equipment and goods automatically, 24/7, from procurement to disposal.

Apptricity’s school asset tracking software helps school systems run more efficiently, reduce costs, and work better for teachers, administrators, and students. Users range from public school systems to higher institutions like Texas A&M University.

Apptricity’s school asset tracking software consists of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags with scanners integrated with our asset tracking software. The software then integrates with the school’s information technology (IT) systems and databases. Our school asset tracking software readily integrates with any existing commercial software your institution may be using.

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In addition, Apptricity Professional Services can typically get a complete, fully integrated and customized system up and running at one or multiple campuses in 90 days or less. Plus, our user interfaces are user friendly. Ease of use encourages early massive adoption of the system.

Your school asset tracking software can pinpoint any asset to the specific classroom or space where it currently resides. With suitably equipped entryways, staff will know instantly if any equipment “walks” out the door. Our education tracking software provides GPS map views based on your buildings’ floor plans, overviews of location and status. Also, they provide drill-down details on each tracked asset, including warranties and maintenance schedules.

Meets your security needs

Apptricity education asset tracking software ensures high security. The U.S. Army and other military branches rely on us to track assets for logistics operations around the world. No one provides our armed forces with more asset-tracking logistical support than Apptricity. We apply the same technologies and expertise to your school, campus, or entire school systems.

In addition to the advantages mentioned so far, your school asset management solution enables you to manage any school inventory with more efficiency, eliminating short supply, and reducing oversupply. Your education asset solution comes with comprehensive built-in reporting tools including many pre-configured reports. These along with ad-hoc reporting can help translate educational asset visibility into actionable business intelligence. Reveal patterns of use that can lead to improved decision making for budget conscious school districts. The same tools also help administrators show voters that the district is efficiently allocating taxpayer funds.