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From critical care supplies to ambulance gurneys, smart materials management enables high performance and costs savings.

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In Healthcare supply chain management, It’s all too familiar for stockouts to send nurses scrambling for supplies. Staff members waste precious minutes rummaging for misplaced equipment. Overstocked inventory gathers dust. Perishables expire. Rogue purchases drive up costs, and missed charges result in lost revenue and reimbursements.

Healthcare supply chain management software resolves these and other longstanding challenges for the healthcare sector. By tracking assets and automating materials management processes, it lets hospitals and other healthcare facilities perform at the top of their game while controlling costs, tightening security, minimizing theft, complying with regulations and meeting or exceeding PIQ Joint Commission metrics.

Apptricity’s integrated sensing technologies, like RFID and Bluetooth, can update the system when cartons of consumables enter or leave any stockroom or warehouse. Nurses can see, at a glance, where all medical equipment is located, including orthopedics such as splints, crutches and braces. Theft of high value items becomes extremely difficult.

Hospital asset management software allows rapid, reliable access to equipment and supplies makes a critical difference especially in urgent care. The ER runs smoother, treating more patients more efficiently – especially in crunch times, like the weekend. Patients experience shorter waits and an improved overall experience.

INTEGRATE SMART TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES TO DETECT equipment entering and leaving vehicles

On the road, Apptricity is pioneering Field Services. Via RFID tags and GPS, these so-called “smart ambulances” detect equipment entering and leaving the vehicle. EMS technicians, dispatchers and managers know where all assets are 24/7, enabling more efficient dispatch. 360° asset visibility can also reduce or eliminate theft, as well as errors such as leaving equipment at a remote site or in the ER. First responders can focus on the mission when Apptricity’s got their back.

Meanwhile, healthcare supply chain analytics reveal usage patterns that can enlighten management decision-making while helping ensure scheduled maintenance of sensitive equipment without disrupting care.

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Hospital inventory and asset management systems mitigate risk, integrate into your workflows and frees staff to concentrate on care.

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