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Law enforcement officers play a vital role in maintaining order and public safety amongst a wide variety of communities. City police departments are responsible not only for their officers, there’s collected evidence, vehicles, and equipment they use daily. Tracking this wide variety of items across the city, inside vehicles, and those associated with an officer can be an impossible task without the right solution in place. Because of this, police departments are turning to law enforcement asset tracking software to help track their most important assets. Law enforcement asset tracking software helps solve the common problems faced by law enforcement with a combination of intuitive software, powerful configuration, and the latest in IoT technologies.

police sirens
police car fleet


Apptricity’s I-Connect line of IoT devices ensures complete visibility into the location of each police vehicle and all the assets located inside the vehicle. Using the Apptricity I-Connect controller allows us to track equipment inside the vehicles , (i.e. laptop, radio, etc.). with this capability, Apptricity can provide a load out profile of assets required  for each vehicle before they go on out on patrol.

RFID tags can be attached to virtually anything, including commonly used items such as weapons, laptops, radios, and more. Furthermore, these assets can be associated with the vehicle in a parent/child relationship, ensuring that they never leave the vehicle. Should these assets need replacing, loadout profiles are generated ensuring that each vehicle is outfitted with the proper gear.


Without the proper strategy, property rooms can quickly turn into black holes; places where important equipment goes missing. This causes over-purchasing to occur in order to ensure that stock levels meet thresholds to adequately serve the public. Outfitting an Apptricity I-Connect controller allows for automated cycle counts of any RFID or Bluetooth tagged items within the storehouse. Users who automate cycle counting experience on average a 40% reduction in time spent, as well as greater accuracy on what items are in the room.

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RCMP officers


Important items such as case evidence and SWAT team equipment routinely get checked out by officers daily, at a precinct. These items require a strict history of who checked them out, how long they had them, and when they were checked back in.

Apptricity property inventory software provides this functionality and more with Apptricity Checkpoint, a mobile inventory application that utilizes the on-board camera to scan barcodes and check items in and out of inventory. Android and iOS users use this app to scan a barcode, check the item out to a user, and, when finished, scan the item to check it back in.

Apptricity Asset Management takes these scans and records how long each user was the custodian of the assets. This allows you to generate comprehensive reports with details such as checked out items, recently returned items, how long users kept items for, and much more.