Apptricity Public Safety Asset Tracking AND INVENTORY Software

Asset and Inventory Management for EMS,
Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

Public safety organizations represent the best in local government. Law enforcement, fire, and EMS provide vital services for maintaining the well-being of the citizens they serve. When it comes to Asset, and Inventory management, city managers trust Apptricity to provide the hardware and software solutions that give visibility into the location, quantity, and condition of their important equipment. Apptricity’s applications are certified to run on the highest security cloud servers, ensuring that your information is safe and secure, but can also be deployed on-premise if required.

Facilitate the Check-Out and Check-In Process for Important Items

Each department has specific items that need to have the location and ownership history tracked in real-time. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution features web and mobile applications that facilitate this process. Apptricity’s Mobile Asset application scans the tags associated with items, then assigns them to a user. From the web, users can see a full assignment history, as well as the amount of time spent in the custodianship of each person.

Tracking Quantities of Consumable Inventory

With Apptricity’s IoT tagging technology, users can gain immediate visibility into the quantities of important inventory items. Whether tracked at the warehouse, storehouse, or inside a vehicle, Apptricity’s I-Controllers can scan in real- time to update the quantity of a specific SKU. Reorder points can be set to trigger automatic generation of purchase orders with custom business rules within the system.

Real-Time Tracking of Important Assets

With more expensive equipment comes higher tracking standards, and Apptricity has the technology to exceed even the strictest requirements. Apptricity’s IoT technology contains a full lineup of LTE, BLE, and satellite devices that ensure full visibility into the location of any important asset. If these assets are meant to remain at a static location, Apptricity Asset Management allows users to set up geofences that trigger an alert and send notifications if broken.

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