Apptricity manufactured goods Tracking AND INVENTORY Software

Track your manufactured goods in real-time
with Apptricity Inventory Management

Manufacturing companies across the world need to have effective supply chain execution in place to ensure that product is being delivered on time. Apptricity Inventory Management provides the real-time insight into key supply chain execution metrics with a combination of cloud-hosted software solutions and integrated IoT hardware devices. This hybrid software and hardware solution brings visibility into the location, quantity, and expiration dates of all important manufactured items.

View Inventory at Each Facility

By tagging each item or pallet with an RFID or Beacon tag and outfitting facilities with I-Controller scanners, scans are conducted automatically to determine what is at each location. When tags are matched with recognized SKUs, real-time quantities are kept at the location level. This information can be viewed at the map level and tracked down to the specific location in a facility with Apptricity’s indoor positioning system (IPS), which uses advanced algorithms to place items on their exact location in a floor plan.

Track Quantities in Transit

Outfitting vehicles with the same I-Connect controllers and tagging shipments gives the same real-time visibility into the locations and quantities of manufactured goods. Apptricity’s Field Services mobile application gives drivers insight into their cargo, ensuring that proper quantities are being stocked in their vehicles before leaving the warehouse. As deliveries are made, quantities in the vehicle are depleted and added to the quantities at the new facility.

Reduce Shrinkage from Expiration or Misplacement

Manufacturers across the world face issues with shrinkage, accounting for a large portion of wasted money and other inefficiencies within the business. Products that are lost, stolen, or expired all contribute to this massive problem. Apptricity Inventory Management provides not only the location tracking of manufactured goods, but also the ability to track expiration dates and useful life. As expiration dates approach, Apptricity sends alerts to ensure that product is being shipped in time. Location tracking of inventory within a facility also keeps products from going missing within a facility.

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