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Apptricity Asset transforms retail inventories into a competitive advantage.
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Run leaner with more control and at lower net cost with a seamless integrated Asset solution suite from Apptricty: Tracking, Inventory and Warehouse — all designed to reveal 360-degree retail visibility for inventory and operations , yielding an array of competitive advantages and ROI opportunities.

The Apptricity Inventory module, for instance, tells you stock quantity, location, shelf life, and expiration information. It ensures inventory replenishment according to company threshold limits and provides robust reporting with actionable real-time information. Complete awareness of all enterprise-wide inventory locations helps eliminate costly mistakes such as ordering products for one location while another has plenty on hand.

With Apptricity you can oversee inventory levels, trends, locations and more. Apptricity Inventory also enables at-a-glance tracking for products, parts on hand, supplies and materials. Holistically, the solution suite simplifies reordering, sharpens accuracy and provides wrap-around views of inventory availability and location.



Apptricity solutions are built on a proven technology framework, enabling unprecedented adaptability and flexible user configuration. Our advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) means you can seamlessly add mix-and-match capabilities as needed. The result: a comprehensive, integrated inventory system that automates processes across the enterprise.

Apptricity Asset further employs industry best practices to streamline daily retail operations of any size including distribution centers, storage locations, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and online fulfillment. Apptricity solutions can be deployed via a perpetual license for maximum internal control or, for simpler implementation, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

Apptricity accommodates a number of receiving methods including manual entry, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN), and radio frequency identification (RFID).


With Apptricity, you can make better purchasing decisions and minimize misdirected and misplaced inventory. Centralized, up-to-the-minute visibility helps you maintain control as inventory moves to a new location or through the supply chain. Real-time exception reporting helps you manage shipped goods. Apptricity solutions are fully compatible with Automated Identification Data Collection (AIDC) technologies including (but not limited to) RFID, EDI and barcode scanners.

Now is the time to automate your asset and inventory management across your business units. Start with a single Apptricity component or a complete solution. Either way, you get an integrated mobile solution that gives you a competitive edge while streamlining operations and improving financials.

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For end-to-end inventory control, Apptricity Asset does all this and more:

  • Seamlessly integrates with any back-end system, including custom legacy solutions and automation systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs) to extend control to critical areas of your enterprise.
  • Readily scales to cover hundreds of locations or a single facility.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of inventory levels using multiple categories, including stock keeping unit (SKU), product type, barcode, manufacturer, supplier and facility.
  • Improves inventory accuracy and efficiency by offering multiple receiving methods; integrates with ASN.
  • Uses RFID and other wireless ID technologies to deliver actionable information on quantity, location, condition, status and other storage and shipping data.
  • Lets you set and reset business rules to meet advanced control requirements, including the handling of hazardous materials, use-by dates, and other criteria.
  • Offers full mobile support, including iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone® devices.

Make Operations More Efficient and Keep a Lid on Costs

  • Offers complete multi-site visibility into receiving, inventory and shipments, giving you over-sight/control with money-saving efficiencies.
  • Integrates with point-of-sale applications, a major advantage for managing lean inventories and competing in the new real-time online environments.
  • Reduces labor and storage costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels; improves accuracy by optimizing replenishment points and lead times.
  • Shows location of item by facility; helps ensure product quality and reduces spoilage via monitoring by shelf life, expiration date, product and more; generates out-of-the box reports and performs ad hoc reporting.
  • Speeds fulfillment and eliminates slowdowns due to backorders, stockouts and shortages.
  • Integrates with existing legacy systems and other technologies, including ordering applications and accounting systems.