Apptricity WIRELESS SERVICES Asset Tracking AND INVENTORY Software

Optimize your wireless service operations
with Apptricity’s Field Service Solution

Wireless service providers offer a number of different services, including DVR/television packages, wireless internet, and home phone services. With a fleet of vehicles and technicians taking house calls throughout the day and performing installation and troubleshooting jobs, managers are tasked with tracking a wide range of responsibilities to ensure that operations run smoothly. Choose Apptricity’s Field Service Management solution to handle the asset and inventory management, vehicle tracking, and work order management tasks that make up the everyday operations of your organization.

Create Meaningful Stock Loadouts for Your Vehicles

Depending on the types of work orders a technician is assigned throughout the day, a service vehicle will need to be stocked with a loadout that matches the demands of the task. With Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware, each vehicle can be outfitted with an I-Connect controller than scans RFID or BLE-tagged equipment inside the vehicle, giving complete visibility into what is on board. Furthermore, by setting up loadout profiles on Apptricity Asset Management, users can compare what is required to be on the vehicle versus what is being scanned. This insight helps to prevent starting work orders where the required inventory is missing from the vehicle. All of this information can be viewed on Apptricity’s Field Services mobile application where users can see what is on their vehicle at all times. If technicians are missing a specific piece of equipment needed for a job, Field Services gives them the ability to search for nearby vehicles or warehouses that have the part they need to facilitate restocking.

Manage Work Orders from Your Tablet

Apptricity Field Services combined with Work Order Management allows scheduling and execution of work orders. As requests for service come in, work orders can be created on the web, then assigned to technicians for completion. The technician using Apptricity Field Services can then view their workload for the day and receive turn-by-turn routing to the location of their next work order. Furthermore, each work order can have inventory assigned to it, giving users the ability to check if they have what is necessary for the job before.

Telematics for Driver Behavior and Scorecarding

IoT technology has helped provide deeper insight into driver behavior and patterns that may be costing the business money. Apptricity’s I-Connect OBD device plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II port, then transmits vehicle information via LTE to Asset Management. From the web, managers can view the driver scorecards of their employees, which includes events such as harsh breaking or turning, acceleration, idle time, and more. These OBD tags also provide the additional benefit of real-time tracking of the vehicle in transit. These are just a few of the many benefits the Apptricity solution delivers to wireless service providers. When you are ready to learn more, or want to see a live demonstration of how we can help you, click the “Let’s Talk” button at the top and let’s start the conversation.

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