Optimize your inventory tracking, stocking and reordering processes with Apptricity’s cloud-based Inventory Tracking Solutions

Finally, full control of the lifecycle of your inventory

The Apptricity Inventory Management solution uses IoT technology to keep track of your inventory – from how many are left in stock to where they are located in your warehouse to shelf life expiration. It’s a cloud-based application available on the web and mobile devices. You get real-time visibility to your data anywhere you are.

Reduce the cost of acquiring inventory as much as 70% with the Apptricity Inventory Management solution. Use the application separately or with our Asset Tracking solution to further align and automate your organization’s workflow.

Detailed Inventory
Tracking Location

Track your inventory down to the exact location in your facility. Know which location, floor, or bin your inventory is placed.

  • Apptricity Inventory Management’s zonal tracking allows you to upload a layout image of every floor in your building, then assign inventory to precise locations represented on the image.
  • Reduce time spent finding inventory in a location with zonal tracking.
  • Oversee inventory levels, trends, locations, and more. The interface is user-friendly with efficient reporting functions. You maintain control with one centralized view as inventory moves throughout the supply chain.
  • During receiving and put away, users can define exact locations of where and when they are dropping off inventory. This grants you visibility to know exactly where it is and when it needs to be relieved.

Minimize Shrinkage With Shelf-Life Visibility

Track expiration date at the individual to the pallet level

  • Our software will inform your picking strategy and ensure that products with nearer expiration dates are leaving the warehouse first.
  • When items are approaching their expiration date, alerts can be triggered within the system to notify any user.

Cycle Counting Labor Reduction

Reduce time spent on manual counts with automated inventory cycle counting.

  • Apptricity Inventory Management makes this easy by pairing your inventory with IoT tracking tags and scanners; either from the I-Connect series of scanners or a third-party handheld scanner.
  • Now cycle counting can be run automatically, saving you time and eliminating manual counting errors.

Connectors for Common ERPs

Apptricity’s ERP integration enables our software products to process data-to, and consumed from external sources.

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