Real-Time Inventory Tracking

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Track and map your inventory in Real-Time with Apptricity’s state-of-the-art IoT device technology!

  • Cloud-Based SaaS software platform.
  • We can track any inventory by location in real-time
  • Track expiration date and shelf-life.
  • Track and locate inventory within any warehouse, building, store, yard, or floor.
  • You can deploy any and all of the following tracking technologies in one system:

IoT Tracking Devices

IoT technology that Apptricity utilizes

Cut your costs looking for your inventory by up to 95%

Billions of Inventory Tracked Globally

Trillions In Inventory Value

Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, OBDII, LTE, and Satellite Tracking Technologies


Choose Your Tracking Technology

    • Use RFID tags to track inventory, along with sensory data like temperature, shelf life, and expiration date
    • Use Apptricity’s Bluetooth® Technology to track inventory in any building, warehouse, or offsite location with 360-degree visibility
    full asset tracking icon

    Full Inventory Tracking with Real-Time Analytics and Alerts

    • Real-time tracking of inventory

    • Get real-time analytics on shelf-life, inventory counts by location
    • Extra analytics to track out-of-stock by SKU, expiration dates by product, and shrinkage
    • Get alerts on your inventory by store location, warehouse, distribution center, or by any analytic data you choose
    asset lifecycle

    Complete Inventory Lifecycle Management

    • Inventory lifecycle status and history
    • Inventory location and history of inventory movement
    • Complete audit history of who was assigned each inventory item and when it was returned

    Adaptable and On-Demand Devices

    Adaptable Cloud Processing

    Our cloud solutions are hosted in a SOC1, SOC2, or for higher security FedRamp High datacenter. We implement our solution in a single tenet private cloud environment.  We provide the highest level of security for your data.

    On-Demand Access

    Work online or offline. Automatically synchronize data when you reconnect into a WiFi, LTE or Satellite network.

    Manage Inventory on Any Device 

    Apptricity’s Mobile software provides a real-time inventory tracking solution on any iOS or Android device.

    See What Our Customers Say!

    The Interface

    “In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based asset tracking app.”

    The Relationship

    “It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions.”

    The Savings

    “Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but also gain significant savings through improvements in process management as it relates to customer and employee interactions thanks to their mobile asset tracking system.”

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