Warehouse and Manufacturing: loT Inventory Tracking Solutions

This episode is part of a three-part series focusing on three different loT-connected solutions that address different sections of the supply chain. The key message we are trying to deliver is this: Complete supply chain visibility is not only achievable, but can be done with an automated, low-maintenance solution. By combining cloud-hosted software with loT-connected devices, retail companies can eliminate blind spots in key areas of their supply chain. This webinar speaks directly to the retail industry but this excerpt can be applied across any organization that has a warehouse and manufacturing department.

This episode of the series highlights “Warehouse and Manufacturing.”

Pain points addressed include the following:

  • Verifying the quantity of items in the warehouse
  • Comparing what is on the advanced shipping notice/purchase order with what is delivered or present in the warehouse
  • Comparison with what the ERP solution is reporting
  • Locating scanners used for scanning inventory
  • Long hours spent doing manual cycle counts

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