We have the solution your organization needs to dynamically track and manage your assets, people and inventory.

We Deliver Global Real-Time Visibility

By developing and deploying effective and efficient solutions for enterprise organizations in the commercial and government sectors, our solution architecture enables an extension to any existing software application through transparent integration with both read and update functionality.

Our solutions enable a new level of tracking and managing assets and inventory items in real-time.  

Our enterprise clients realize benefits in a matter of weeks. 

See the movement of your assets…anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

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  • Identify Assets

    Identify the assets that need to be tracked and the range of information to be collected.

  • Asset Usage

    Assess how the asset is being used and set up appropriate monitoring based on information to be captured.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Track range and information and data to be collected ad used for intelligence and analytics.

  • Unique Control Console

    Real-time data is collected by the Apptricity “Control Console.”, enabling actionable information. Data can be integrated into our mission critical EAM and Inventory solutions.

  • Data Collection & Integration

    Millions of data points continuously flow through Apptricity solutions and devices, seamlessly integrating into our application architecture.

  • AI Usage

    The solution will analyze the data as it is collected, improving the dynamics of the asset life-cycle.

  • Intelligent Data

    Intelligent and operational data regarding the asset  is provided to the user, to make informed decisions.

  • Full Asset Lifecycle

    Visibility to the full picture of the assets life-cycle enables organizations to optimize their asset investment.

Enterprise Asset Management

We start with the question of what IOT/EDGE enabled device should be used to “identify and communicate” with each of your assets / inventory items to unlock the power of real-time visibility. 

To answer this initial question, our solution experts will work with your organization to develop the priorities you want to focus on within a wide range of “deliverable values.”

These priorities could fall into one or more of these areas:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased security
  • More efficient operating models
  • Improves Asset Utilization

Our experts will sit down with your team to determine the range of intelligence you can capture and track your assets. We will be with you every step of the way; from analyzing your asset population, to determining the right technology solution, and quantifying the financial and operational impacts, thereby improving your customer experience and security. Tap into our expertise to launch your Apptricity EAM journey.

Integrated Asset Modules

apptricity asset modules

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management

Schedule Your Assessment Engagement

Participate in our Assessment Engagement to see what our Enterprise Asset Management /Inventory system can do for your organization.

Apptricity is the premier provider of the complete life-cycle management of your assets – from when the asset is procured through its life usage to end of life disposal.  We met you where you are in your EAM journey but we typically recommend a crawl,  walk, run approach. This mitigates implementation risk and increases early-stage adoption. You no longer are required to have multiple systems to manage the tracking and management of your assets. Assets residing in multiple silos, stand alone systems are thing of the past.

We will provide your organization with everything you need to deploy our Enterprise Asset Management solution…all of the hardware, operational software, secure connections, transparent integrations and predictive insights.

Contact us today to schedule a demo or learn more about our Assessment Engagement.


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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

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Real-Time Asset
Management & Tracking

Managing your asset lifecycle is easier with Apptricity. Get real-time asset tracking visibility of where and how your assets are being utilized.

inventory management icon

Inventory Management
System (IMS)

Apptricity Enterprise Inventory Management Software uses IoT technology to keep track of stock numbers and location of all inventory in your storehouse.

Field Service Solutions

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Mobile Asset &
Inventory Management

Apptricity Field Services brings enterprise solutions for work order management, asset management and mobile inventory management into the field for streamlined start-to-finish tracking.

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