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Track Your Fleet

Apptricity’s Field Service Management solution consists of multiple modules that tracks the fleet, the equipment inside each vehicle, the work orders for the day, and individual driver behavior. Each of these applications can be operated separately or in harmony, allowing for you to pick which modules make sense for your field service operations.

The foundation of this solution is the Apptricity I-Connect IoT hardware, which provides the real-time tracking of the vehicle and everything inside, paired with the web and mobile software.

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Apptricity's Unique Integration Capabilities

Unlike the competition, Apptricity’s Field Service Management Application Integrates with



  • Asset and Inventory Tracking Within a Connected Service Vehicle

    The Connected Service Vehicle (CSV) is the complete field service solution, leveraging Apptricity I-Connect IoT hardware with a web and mobile application to provide complete visibility into the vehicle, its contents, and the work scheduled for the day. This combination of software and hardware provides the ultimate solution for those looking utilize IoT solution to monitor their fleet.

    Visibility into on-board assets and inventory is the next level of tracking which gives users the real-time visibility into stock levels, missing tools, and much more.

    • Not only track the vehicle but the inventory in it in real-time.
    • Reduce trips back to the warehouse to restock.
    • Receive alerts when assets are missing to help locate them before they go missing on job sites or anywhere else.
  • Vehicle Loadout Profiles

    Stocking the vehicle with the proper assets and inventory is essential for operating a delay-free workday.

    • Create common loadout profiles on the web and associate with a vehicle.
    • Technician visibility of projected quantity versus the actual.
    • Ensure that each vehicle is properly stocked at the beginning of the day.
    • Remove wasted time spent manually counting what’s on board and get your vehicles and technicians into the field sooner.
  • Integrate Inventory with Work Orders

    With Apptricity’s Work Order Management solution, users can schedule and assign work orders from the web, then execute them from the mobile application.

    • Technicians in the field will see their workload for the day.
    • Technicians will see the tools and equipment necessary for completing their daily jobs.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics and Driver Behavior

    Connecting an Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) device to the vehicle allows for the tracking of both vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior giving you the information you need to improve vehicle lifespan and enforce better driving policy.

    • Users can gather various types of data for the vehicle, including runtime and idle time, engine lights, and more.
    • Track negative driving events that you can associate back to the driver.
    • Events such as hard turns, fast accelerations, average speed, and even crashes can be detected in real-time.

Field Service Capabilities

Asset Tracking Tags for Every Situation

You have the freedom to choose which tags fit your budget, or asset category without the worry of software compatibility into your ERP system.

Any Device and Network

Cloud-based devices deliver cost-effective, scalable options, for asset and inventory tracking.

Global Real-Time Insight

With Real Time Location Services, you can see your global assets and inventory.

IoT Tracking Technology

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