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Track Your Critical Equipment in Real-Time

In healthcare, it is all too familiar for stock-outs to send nurses and technicians scrambling for supplies. Imagine the chaos of trying to find IV pumps, x-ray machines, ventilators or other critical hospital equipment in the middle of a crisis. Staff members waste precious minutes trying to find misplaced equipment. Overstocked inventory gathers dust. Perishables expire. Rogue purchases drive up costs, and missed charges result in lost revenue and reimbursements.

Our Asset Management software solution specially configured for healthcare helps resolve these and other longstanding challenges healthcare professionals face. By tracking assets and automating materials management processes, it lets hospitals and other healthcare facilities perform at the top of their game. It also helps control costs, reduces equipment leasing, tightens security, minimizes theft, complies with regulations and meets or exceeds PIQ Joint Commission metrics.

On-Demand Hospital Asset Visibility

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Hospital Asset Management Use Case

Apptricity’s integrated tracking technologies, provides real-time tracking to expedite recovery an update the system when consumables enter or leave any stockroom or warehouse. Workers can see, at a glance, where all medical equipment is located.

Hospital asset management software allows rapid, reliable access to equipment and supplies. It makes a critical difference especially in urgent care. The ER runs smoother and treats more patients more efficiently, especially in crunch times, like the weekend. Patients experience shorter wait time and an improved overall experience.

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Integrate Smart Tracking Technologies to Detect Equipment Entering and Leaving Vehicles

Our asset tracking solution can also help healthcare professionals track the equipment entering and leaving vehicles. Using RFID tags and GPS, you can turn an emergency vehicle into a “smart ambulance.”

This allows EMS technicians, dispatchers and managers know where all their assets are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling a more efficient dispatch. 360° asset visibility can also reduce or eliminate theft, as well as errors such as leaving equipment at a remote site or in the ER.

First responders can focus on the mission when Apptricity’s got their back.

Example Asset Tracking Use Case

Let’s look at how the process works. Our asset is a ventilator used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Medical professionals need to know:

  • Where the ventilator is located
  • Who has control of the ventilator
  • What condition the ventilator is in
  • How the ventilator has been maintained
  • What the warranty level is on the ventilator
  • When the ventilator is due for an upgrade
  • If the medical staff has the proper equipment at hand to keep it operating, such as filters, etc.

Our experts will sit down with the medical professional in charge of the project and determine the range of information they need to capture and track for the ventilator. We will then schedule the oversight monitoring – alerts based on the information to be captured – set up recommendations for the user / owner, define requirements or tasks that should be completed before use, such as calibration, and so on.

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Choose Identification Tags

Once these decisions have been made, we will work with the project leader to determine the proper identification tag to place on the ventilator so that it captures all of the predefined information.

The next step is to place our proprietary identification tag on the ventilator. It will be connected to our edge devices to capture the tag’s data. That data could include but is not limited to location in the building, usage history by user, climate environment, usage time before next filter change, and more.

The Apptricity designed edge devices are designed to pull and push data to the tag on the ventilator. Some of the typical connections we use include:

  • RFID readers
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Bluetooth
  • 4G/5G mobile
  • Satellite

Custom Control Console

Our system has been designed to multilayer these options based on your organization’s needs and what is available at your location. We could start with a Wi-Fi connection and then go to Bluetooth, then 5G and then Satellite. The tags will be set to report at intervals that have been set by your requirements determined in the early stages of deployment.

The real-time data collected by the tags are consolidated in the Apptricity “Control Console.” It will be converged with a wide array of data integrated from – and exported to, if desired – the various “system of record” platforms within our enterprise solution, and, if appropriate, outside of it as well.

The “Control Console” is highly customizable for each user’s needs. It provides real-time management of your organization’s assets, from their movement to their condition, demand and maintenance, renewal, efficiency and more. With this type of visible data available to you at all times, predictability becomes a significant advantage in your daily operations. The concept of “Fix it before it becomes broken” becomes a reality.


Ready to See Apptricity in Action?

Delivering Global Real-Time Visibility

Apptricity is the premier provider of the complete lifecycle management of your assets – from when the asset is procured through its life usage to end of life disposal. We allow you to initially “crawl”, then “walk” and ultimately “run” with our enterprise solution. You no longer to have multiple systems to manage the real-time tracking and management of your assets.

We will provide your organization with everything you need to deploy our Enterprise Asset Management solution…all of the hardware, operational software, secure connections, transparent integrations and predictive insights.

By utilizing the supply chain analytics our solution provides, healthcare professionals can see asset usage patterns. This information helps management in their decision-making while ensuring scheduled maintenance of sensitive equipment happens without disrupting care.

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Apptricity Asset Management automates and simplifies asset tracking, sweeping away inefficient, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes. See how a 360-degree visibility is possible with automated business rules, alerts and real-time asset tracking.

Asset Tracking & Management

Lost gurneys, missing crash carts, stockouts and misplaced heart monitors are not only expensive; but also lost time with patients and other highly valued work. Find out how Apptricity Asset Management helps hospitals save on expired items and stop excess labor.

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