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Apptricity integrated software suites for Supply Chain and Expense Management help governments and public agencies deliver exceptional performance while conserving taxpayer funds — the very best of what government can be. Measurable results give public officials and their administrators proof to demonstrate this crucial point to constituents.

By providing 360° visibility into state or local operations, Apptricity Asset Management tightens your control of vehicles, equipment including computers and supplies. Apptricity Field Service solutions implement today’s most advanced telematics concepts to improve performance and efficiency of teams ranging from repair crews to EMS. Apptricity Expense Management provides easy-to-attain control of procurement, travel and reimbursement. Individually or together, Apptricity integrated solutions can make dramatic impacts on how well government runs — a result that all constituents can celebrate.

Apptricity provides highly customizable and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) integrated software solutions. Our unique technology framework is modular, flexible, and platform agnostic, meaning it works with whatever systems and data structures you have or must connect with. This framework plus our proven Professional Services teams lets us customize and deploy your fully customized Apptricity solution typically in 90 days or less, a remarkable achievement. Our services only start there. Apptricity customers consistently rate us as “Superior for Technical Support” in independent studies by Dun and Bradstreet.

Each Apptricity solution suite consists of software modules that work on their own or seamlessly integrate in any combination to deliver precisely the functionality you require. They scale virtually without limit, growing and changing with your evolving needs, regulatory requirements and legislative mandates. That’s one reason U.S. federal agencies and military branches rely on Apptricity. We provide government-grade security for customers such as the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. Your data is never commingled with anyone else’s.

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Apptricity Asset helps you automate and manage complex supply chain operations, throughout a department or across all departments. Simple, easy-to-use screens ensure a satisfying user experience while encouraging massive early adoption.

Granular details snap into focus across the organization and throughout the asset lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, while analytical insights sharpen decision-making. Result: stockpiling and shortages decrease, warranties are invoked, maintenance gets done on schedule. Accountability and efficiency soar, generating substantial return on public investments.

Apptricity Field Service delivers unprecedented visibility and asset control for police, fire, emergency medical (EMS), public works, and all other departments managing field teams, their vehicles, and associated equipment and supplies. Apptricity enables you to streamline operations, reduce costs, improve field performance and — thanks to Apptricity — do more accurate planning.

Apptricity Field Service readily integrates with your legacy systems and existing data structures for rapid deployment. Depending on your needs, the suite manages trucks, tools, materials and other assets in-stock and on the road; directs technicians, schedules, and work orders including first responders with real-time information and communication; and automatically coordinates predictive maintenance to keep vehicles rolling, equipment running and teams productive.

With a full Asset-Based Telematics implementation — unique to Apptricity — your solution can locate and log every tracked item with in-vehicle RFID technology integrated into inventory and work orders. Discover the unprecedented power of Apptricity to make your field services measurably more cost-effective, in turn making efficient use of constrained public budgets.

Apptricity Spend Management injects new efficiencies into your travel, expense, procure-to-pay, invoice and financial reporting operations. It streamlines core finance functions in real time — saving time and reducing costs by automating purchasing, invoicing and expense management.

You gain end-to-end visibility, substantial efficiencies, faster procurement, simpler purchasing and paying and stricter compliance. You can negotiate better discounts and reduce errors — while using the power of analytics to reveal insights, sharpen forecasts, and improve decision making. You can also prevent rogue purchases, stop duplicate or unnecessary orders and ensure compliance.