Apptricity is the Global leader in IoT for Asset Tracking and
Inventory Management with Real-Time Capabilities.
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Companies often choose Apptricity due to our technology’s ability to interface with
existing legacy systems, and replace homegrown applications with a web-services based solution.

Who Relies on Apptricity?

Global Corporations and Government entities rely on Apptricity to provide real-time visibility and automate their asset tracking and financial and spend processes.

Why They Trust Apptricity

Regardless of sector, industry or application, Apptricity solutions are enterprise class. You can deploy, integrate, modify, use, in your own private cloud environment.

See For Yourself

Apptricity offers a flexible platform and mitigates risk with a free demo. Discover how fast and smooth an Apptricity deployment can be.

Easy Integration with ERPs & Legacy Systems

“In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based solution.”

Flexible Technology Purpose-built for IoT

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Cloud Computing for IoT

Our IoT solutions collect more precise and relevant data, automate processes, and operate with highest efficiency.

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Plug-and-Play Modules

Apptricity readily tailors a solution to your precise needs. Planning and “future-proofing” your solution for next generation.

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Superior Integration

Apptricity’s integration engine is multi-dialect, enabling data to and from external sources.

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Top-Rated Support Team

Our customers rate Apptricity as “Superior for Technical Support” in independent studies by Dun & Bradstreet.

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RFID Tracking Technologies

Apptricity’s solutions fully utilize RFID technologies to track everything from ice cream freezers, to rotary aircraft, to everything in between. See how.

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SaaS with High Security

Regardless of industry or application, Apptricity solutions are easiest to own, deploy, integrate modify, use, and afford. Nothing else comes close.

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Service-Oriented Architecture

We build Apptricity applications from the ground up on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

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Unrestricted Configuration

Apptricity’s architecture configures to any need, thanks to our business rules engine and integrated admin tools.

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Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop applications-specific reports.

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Inventory Tracking Product Sheet

Apptricity Inventory Management reduces lost or spoiled inventory. It makes it  easy to pack and ship. Run inventory reports on stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration detail. Find out how IoT tracking tags can be used in conjunction to get specific location details.

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Apptricity Product Overview

Apptricity software applications provide cloud-based software that bring a new level of efficiency to asset and inventory operations. Platform agnostic. Easily integrates with ERP and existing legacy systems seamlessly. See how we can streamline your supply chain execution and asset tracking tasks.