Take Control of Spending Now With Apptricity Travel and Expense Automation

Reduce large controllable expenditures, improve transparency, enhance security, and speed reimbursement.

Discover New Ways to Cut Costs by 70% with Apptricity Automation

  • Reduce Transaction & Processing Fees

    Expense report transactions fees are ONLY calculated on final and approved expense reports, saving you significant $$.

  • Boost Efficiency & Speed Processing Time

    Reduce paperwork, automate approvals, and lower transaction costs. Overall process complexity is substantially reduced. Total integration from the get-go.

  • Eliminate Rogue Spending

    Enforce corporate policy, manage cash outlays, and reduce expenses across the board. Automation allows for easy accessibility, efficiency and prioritization.

  • Create Reports On-The-Go

    Intuitive mobile and Web interfaces, enable quick and easy creation, tracking, approval and audit of expense reports. Work offline, auto synchronize later.

Simplify Corporate Expense Management with an Integrated Mobile Solution

Automate how you create, submit, approve, audit, pay expenses and analyze spend. Employees and managers are more productive using intuitive mobile and Web interfaces. Apptricity software integrates with any ERP system and financial accounting software, such as: Oracle, SAP, Banner, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Epicor, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks and others. Apptricity’s flexible platform ensures that your Spend Management solution readily configures to your business rules and workflows — providing an easy, quick, and painless transition path.

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Gain Unprecedented Visibility Across Finance and Expense Processes

Apptricity Expense is part of an integrated, spend management solution — Invoice, Procure-to-Pay, Expense, and Travel & Expense — that can integrate with any existing accounting or ERP system. Modules can stand alone or integrate with others, in any combination.

  • Full ERP and accounting system integration
  • Configured to your business rules and workflows
  • Easy to use, simple to manage
  • Comprehensive, out of the box reporting

A Mobile Solution That Brings a New Level of Efficiency

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Drive Compliance, Improve Reporting

Apptricity automates expense management, including transaction entry, approvals, audit and reporting. It helps ensure that your employees use preferred vendors and follow policy. Comprehensive real-time reporting and analysis lets you make better, faster budget and spending decisions.

Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity

Research shows that a fully automated travel and expense report costs 74% less to process than a manual report. Now you can redeploy finance staff onto more high-value and urgent work, while helping save money and eliminating error-prone manual data entry.

Expense and P-Card Integration

You can integrate directly to credit card providers including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX, while user charges download automatically for quick and easy entry to expense reports. From the backend, the system distributes purchasing charges directly to the right user, automatically adding to their expense reports. No more paper tracking or spreadsheets.

Flexible Audit

Apptricity enables flexible auditing of expense reports based on random percentage, amount, category, department and other parameters. Your users can do audits prior to payment, after payment, or both. Now you can protect your organization from errors and fraud in ways that meet your unique business objectives.

Total Integration with your Systems

Our software integrates with any ERP system, including: Oracle, SAP, Banner, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Epicor, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and QuickBooks. We can also quickly develop custom interfaces for your other systems and AP applications. Our Agile implementation lets us stand-up your system, on-site or via SaaS, incredibly fast.

Easy to Use, Simple to Manage

Mobile and Web interfaces enable quick and easy creation, tracking, approval and audit of reports. Users can scan and download receipts easily, so reports get submitted sooner and employees enjoy a user-friendly system that promotes companywide adoption.

Complete, Easy Expense Reporting

With Web and mobile entry, tracking and reporting are simple for all types of business expenses, including mileage, cash advances and recurring expenses. Capture receipts on the go. Quick entry wizards make it easy to enter complex bills, track mileage and enter per diem expenses correctly, based on location and date.

Easy to Customize

Want expense management that truly integrates into the way your business operates? Your administrators can easily change labels and screens, adjust expense parameters, manage users, privileges and reporting, establish role-based access and add a wide variety of other business rules. As a result, your Apptricity Spend Management solution fits you instead of you having to adopt to it.

Cash Advance and Trip Approval

Manage cash advances entirely online with comprehensive reporting and a full audit trail — request, to approval, to over- and under-usage. Control cash-sensitive activity approvals using online requests, streamlined with approval workflows, that adhere to company policy. That’s how you do away with paper requests and manual tracking, and gain greater control over employee expenses.

Can You Afford Not To Manage Your Expenses?

Apptricity is trusted by global brands to safely deliver strategic improvements that work seamlessly in real-time.

$3.5 Billion

Transactions per month


Gain up to 19% process efficiency


Save 70% when switching from paper to automated reports