Unparalleled Control with Comprehensive Inventory Management

Inaccuracies in inventory count, location, and shelf-life account for most of the wasted money for any company tracking inventory. Apptricity Inventory Management users have access to full visibility into these essential metrics and more.

What Is Your IoT Strategy

Our patent pending combination of cloud-based positioning and on-premise scanning equipment delivers a cost-effective, scalable option for inventory tracking that integrates with current ERP systems.

Tracking Tags for All Your Inventory

Choosing a tracking tag for your inventory is easy, with any of the current tracking technologies integrating and communicating with our Inventory Management system. You have the freedom to choose which tags fit your budget, without the worry of software compatibility.

  • Barcode
  • RFID (Passive and Active)
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • LTE (Cellular)
  • Satellite

Tracking with Ease

An Overview

Whether your operation is stage to gate, FIFO (first in, first out) or you simply need an end to end system, any item critical to your process can be tracked with Apptricity Inventory Management and configured to your workflow. From its location on the globe down to its location in your building, Apptricity uses a combination of hardware and software to keep track of each inventory item with pinpoint accuracy.


Gone are the days of locating that misplaced shipment in a crowded warehouse. Now you can track your inventory down to the exact location in your facility. Apptricity Inventory Management’s Zonal tracking technology allows you to upload a layout image of every floor in your building, then assign inventory to precise locations represented on the image. This level of granular detail reduces time spent finding inventory within a location, as well as giving you the visibility to know which office, room, or storage closet your inventory is placed.

Cycle Counting

Automating cycle counting is helping clients save up to 40% of the time they spend on a manual count. Apptricity Inventory Management makes this easy by pairing your inventory with IoT tracking tags, now cycle counting can be run automatically, saving you time and eliminating errors.


Stock levels low? Apptricity Inventory Management auto-generates purchase requests or purchase orders to streamline the replenishment process. Set up inventory thresholds that once met, will create a new purchase request for approval, or with the appropriate permissions, execute a purchase order. This purchasing system can tie into any 3rd party point-of-sale system you currently have in place, allowing you to improve your current process, not replace it.

Velocity Tracking

In any inventory management solution, velocity of items coming in and going out of your facilities is vital information for restocking. High velocity supply chains require robust planning and continuous visibility to achieve optimization that is aligned to business objectives. Apptricity Inventory Management accomplishes this in two ways:

  1. M2M computing – M2M, or “Machine to machine” computing means that Apptricity Inventory Management can gather various metrics off a machine such as a drink dispenser to gather inventory consumption. This allows for smarter restocking of popular products by spending your money on consumer choice.
  2. IoT Tracking Technologies – Tracking tags associated with pallets, license plates, and more allow Apptricity Inventory Management to track the specific items within a warehouse or facility. When these items leave the warehouse, inventory is reconciled in real-time.


Managing shelf-life is an essential inventory function helping minimize shrinkage. Apptricity Asset Management tracks expiration date at the individual to the pallet level, informing your picking strategy and ensuring that product with nearer expiration dates are leaving the warehouse first. When items are approaching their expiration date, alerts can be triggered within the system to notify any user.

RFID and Apptricity

RFID is revolutionizing inventory management. How? By offering unprecedented visibility into your operations. It may include any of the technologies you see at right, in any combination. Only Apptricity offers them all and gives you a “right fit” RFID solution. That’s not all. Only Apptricity has the expertise to plan, integrate and deploy RFID with the unique combination of inventory management capabilities you need.

Our Flexible Technology Simplifies Your Life

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Cloud Computing for IoT

Our IoT solutions collect more precise data, automate processes, and operate with highest efficiency.

Superior Integration

Apptricity’s integration engine is multi-dialect, enabling data to and from external sources.

RFID Tracking Technologies

Apptricity’s solutions fully utilize RFID technologies to track everything from ice cream freezers, to rotary aircraft, to everything in between.

Service-Oriented Architecture

We build Apptricity applications from the ground up on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop applications-specific reports.

Plug-and-Play Modules

Apptricity readily tailors a solution to your precise needs. Planning and “future-proofing” your solution for next generation.

Top-Rated Support Team

Our customers rate Apptricity as “Superior for Technical Support” in independent studies by Dun & Bradstreet.

SaaS with High Security

Regardless of industry or application, Apptricity solutions are easiest to own, deploy, integrate, modify, use, and afford. Nothing else comes close.

Unrestricted Configuration

Apptricity’s architecture configures to any need, thanks to our business rules engine and integrated admin tools.

Can You Afford Not To Manage Your Inventory?

Apptricity is trusted by global brands to safely deliver strategic improvements that work seamlessly in real-time.

$3.5 Billion

Transactions Per Month

45 Million

Assets Tracked Globally

Up to 80%

Reduction In Asset Acquisition Costs