Work Order Management system that’s Fast and Simple

Whether you are managing your work, tracking internal services or assigning charges for customer billing, our solution seamlessly tracks and ensures proper accounting.

End-to-End Automation

Apptricity Mobile Work Order automates your work order request processing, start-to-finish, capturing every detail. It’s all part of Apptricity’s comprehensive Field Services solution, where dispatchers can “see” workers and their daily work orders in real-time. Apptricity Mobile Work Order management software can adjust orders while tracking labor hours, tools and consumables on every job, and keep field technicians organized, managers updated and processes streamlined, via the online toolset.

Stand Alone or Seamlessly Integrate

Apptricity Mobile Work Order solution can be utilized as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated with other Apptricity modules. As Such, Apptricity’s Field Services Solution applications will manage asset use, inventory consumption, and support MR&O processes. Through streamlined Inventory Management, handle receiving, movement and adjustments, tie inventory information to assets and work orders, across the enterprise.

Our service order software allows mix-and-match software modules with Apptricity in-vehicle RFID technology utilizing the I-Connect Controller for a complete Field Services solution. As a result, it will transform the way you manage field operations.

Our Flexible Technology Simplifies Your Life

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Comprehensive Oversight

Enforce accountability, timely responses, and satisfactory work quality. Apptricity lets you manage the who, when, and where of the entire work order process. Further, boost the efficiency of your field technicians and teams with location mapping and job-to-job routing, while trimming fuel costs and time between jobs

Location Mapping

Workers are provided with location mapping and job-to-job routing to increase efficiencies, reduce fuel costs and eliminate wasted time between jobs.

Budget Visibility

See all, do all and track every detail for a requested service. Allocate/assign costs at the heading or line-item level, enabling easy differentiation between labor and materials costs — all while maintaining job- and customer-specific rates.

Built-in Templates

Quickly create new work orders based on recurring jobs that have pre-attached instructions, parts lists and time estimates. Use an existing order as a starting point and modify as needed.

Automated Processes

Automatically create, distribute, prioritize and manage execution for all jobs. It delivers real-time updates, sweeping away confusion and delays caused by paper-based work orders. Further, Apptricity lets you attach documentation and details to work orders. With the tap a button on-screen, workers see special instructions for the job such as delivery hours, preferred entrance and other key details.

Plug-and-Play Modules

Apptricity readily tailors a solution to your precise needs. Planning and “future-proofing” your solution for next generation.

Scheduling on Steroids

Auto-schedule and assign work orders based on criteria you specify and prioritize. Then simply drag-and-drop to adjust in a no-brainer calendar format.

Mobile Support

Your field service teams are mobile and so is Mobile Work Order. Use smartphones and tablets to access work orders, check status, take notes, get signatures and even print receipts, for work performed.

Overall Visibility

Dispatchers and managers can access detailed lists showing assigned jobs and unassigned orders, including number of budgeted hours and costs, allowed for each work order.

Can You Afford Not To Manage Your Assets?

Apptricity is trusted by global brands to safely deliver strategic improvements that work seamlessly in real-time.

$3.5 Billion

Transactions Per Month

45 Million

Assets Tracked Globally

Up to 80%

Reduction In Asset Acquisition Costs