Asset Management with I-Connect Devices Adds Real-Time Visibility

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  3. Asset Management with I-Connect Devices Adds Real-Time Visibility


Most ERP solutions analyze supply chain operations at the 30,000-foot level, providing the information and metrics needed to organize the budget for the upcoming year. While these tools are vital for planning, they lack the day-to-day operational view that ensures the models in place are supplied with accurate information. Apptricity Asset Management provides a system that manages the day-to-day operations with a combination of cloud-hosted, IoT-enabled solutions that provide real-time information about your assets. With seamless integration into all of the major ERP providers, Apptricity provides the system of intelligence that maximizes the value of your system of record.

Reduce shrinkage from loss, theft, and product expiration.

Shrinkage remains the largest problem that companies face when managing their supply chain. With Apptricity’s I-Connect IoT hardware, you gain real-time insight into important information about your assets. You can minimize shrinkage and save money spent replacing lost, missing, or expired assets. All tags report to our cloud-hosted Asset Management solution that allows you to set up custom alerts, notifying users when assets are at risk.

Enhance productivity by cutting labor hours spent on manual tasks.

Hours spent on manual tasks like cycle counts or finding lost items can add up quickly, especially when they do not yield meaningful results. With Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware, scanners can be set up in buildings or vehicles to automatically scan assets equipped with tags. This provides real-time visibility and automated cycle counts. Scan information can be viewed on either the web or mobile application, ensuring access to the system wherever or whenever you need it.

Extend the lifespan of your assets with integrated maintenance tracking.

Getting the most value out any asset requires maintenance, often administered through basic checkups, routine maintenance, or larger repair services. Managing these tasks is crucial for knowing when it is the right time to replace an asset instead of continuing to repair it. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution contains a full Work Order module that can be used to schedule, execute, and view past maintenance tasks.

Integrate with your current ERP solution.

Apptricity Asset Management seamlessly feeds into all the major ERP solutions, providing valuable real-time information that helps drive decision-making for the future. Instead of replacing a system that your business has spent valuable time and money integrating, allow Apptricity to provide that system with the data it needs to become more valuable.

Apptricity I-Connect Hardware: Providing Real-Time Tracking and Much More.

Apptricity’s I-Connect line of hardware contains a wide variety of scanners, tags, and beacons to adapt to your budgetary needs and required level of insight. Apptricity’s Asset Management solution integrates with tags of multiple types, including:

–         Barcode (2D, 3D, QR Code)

–         RFID (Passive and Active)

–         LTE

–         Bluetooth

–         Satellite

Your ERP may do asset management, but not like we do. Offering unparalleled real-time visibility unlocks new insight into areas where efficiency can be increased, and waste can be eliminated. Contact us or visit our website at to learn more. 

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