From Click to Curbside: How IoT Technology Is Changing This Season’s Shopping

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  3. From Click to Curbside: How IoT Technology Is Changing This Season’s Shopping

Curbside Pick-Up Growth

Curbside pick-up is increasingly popular with retail consumers. In fact, 50% of consumers said they use curbside more often or much more often than they did before the pandemic. Those who opt for “click and collect” are essentially skipping the in-store experience. This makes it imperative that retailers make the one remaining piece of the in-store experience — the pick-up — a positive one. But when retailers can’t even deliver on that, customer dissatisfaction rises, and the numbers show that that is what’s happening:

The Problems

The rapid growth of curbside pick-up hasn’t happened without a few growing pains. In fact, one in four consumers in a UK study said that waiting times for curbside pick-up orders are too long. 17% of people in the same study said they had trouble finding the right desk to pick up their items once they’d reached the store. Other customers even talk about store staff not knowing where their orders are, even when the system says they’re ready for pick-up. These kinds of delays lead customers to simply abandon their orders.

A Solution: Connected Retail

The good news is: fixing the inefficiencies of curbside pick-up is possible — with IoT tagging technology. Many companies are beginning to utilize RFID and Bluetooth Beacons to provide real-time tracking capabilities, primarily due to their cost and ease of use. Apptricity’s I-Connect line of scanners and tags connect orders to the Internet of Things and provide real-time tracking that can be accessed via web and mobile applications. Tags are placed on orders and scanned by controllers as they move around the building. Each time a tag is scanned, its location is updated or confirmed, giving you full visibility into the location of any order in the building at any given moment.


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