How IoT Will Make the Supply Chain Smarter in 2022

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  3. How IoT Will Make the Supply Chain Smarter in 2022

One of the most essential parts of an asset-heavy industry involves implementing successful asset management software. The biggest complaints in asset management software can include hardware issues, losing assets, software ease of use, and poor provider service.

Making the right choice for asset management software is essential if your company is going to get the most out of the digital revolution. But just what can asset management software do for your company, and how do you know if you’ve picked the right vendor?

Apptricity Supply Chain Operations provides real-time insight into key supply chain execution metrics with a combination of cloud-hosted software solutions and integrated IoT hardware devices.

The news is full of headlines and statistics as IoT continues to grow and connect our devices:

infographic showing IoT statistics

Asset Management and IoT

Supply Chain operators across the world need to have an effective supply chain execution in place to ensure that product is being delivered on time. This hybrid software and hardware solution brings visibility into the location, quantity, and expiration dates of all important manufactured items.

Track Your Manufactured Goods in Real Time

Apptricity Inventory Management provides real-time insight into key supply chain execution metrics with a combination of cloud-hosted software solutions and integrated IoT hardware devices. You can view inventory at each facility by using our easy-to-use software.

By tagging each item or pallet with an RFID or Beacon tag and outfitting facilities with I-Controller scanners, scans are conducted automatically to determine what is at each location. When tags are matched with recognized SKUs, real-time quantities are kept at the location level. This information can be viewed at the map level and tracked down to the specific location in a facility with Apptricity’s indoor positioning system (IPS), which uses advanced algorithms to place items on their exact location in a floor plan. Track Quantities in Transit.

Outfitting vehicles with the same I-Connect controllers and tagging shipments gives the same real-time visibility into the locations and quantities of manufactured goods. Apptricity’s Field Services mobile application gives drivers insight into their cargo, ensuring that proper quantities are being stocked in their vehicles before leaving the warehouse. As deliveries are made, quantities in the vehicle are depleted and added to the quantities at the new facility.

A Typical Technician Story

A technician shows up at a customer’s house to install a new router. But once he arrives, he realizes he’s forgotten a cable he needed to complete the installation. Now he must leave the house, reschedule the rest of the installation, return to the nearest warehouse to pick up a cable, and potentially disrupt the rest of his day’s scheduled work orders. He may have to look for the proper cable and has no idea where it is. It even may be on another truck. There may be no other cables back at the warehouse. The customer may have to reschedule.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Apptricity tracks 9 billion dollars of Inventory every 5 minutes! One of our major telecommunications customers saved $2.8 billion in inventory procurement costs and cut labor hours by 90% of the inventory cycle count. They manage over 7000 vehicles with $300,000 inventory in each vehicle.

Read the Verizon customer user study at:

With the right edge device and tags attached to any item inside a service vehicle, it’s possible to set up alerts for when components aren’t in the vehicle (even specifically when starting the engine).

The Apptricity Solution

IoT as a service in the supply chain sector is revolutionizing the way we do business in 2022 – and Apptricity is one of the leaders in this cutting-edge advancement.

Don’t believe what you read? Demo Apptricity with your own data!

Try us out with real numbers. When you sign up for a demo, we load your own data into our software so that you can immediately receive valuable insights. See for yourself what makes Apptricity so powerful and how you can make your business more profitable and successful.

To learn more about this kind of IoT solution, check out Apptricity with a free custom demo here:

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