What are Digital Twins?

IoT tracking allows decision-makers to see where all types of assets and inventory are in real-time. Simply put, connecting sensors to real-world objects helps leaders to always have digital eyes on everything at once in one place. But there’s a way you can take this tracking one step further:

Enter digital twins.

Often used in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, they take tracking to the next level. Digital twins are like simulations, but unlike simulations, they’re constantly communicating with their real-world counterparts. The exciting thing about digital twin technology is that can be used to predict real-world objects’ status in the future. This kind of proactivity is essential to success in Industry 4.0.

Here are some of the ways it looks in action:

Uses and Benefits of Digital Twins in Manufacturing

  • Smart energy usage tracking
  • Improved quality control
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-view components
  • Predictive maintenance

Digital Twins and Your Company

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