Apptricity Announces Mike Seashols as Executive Chairman

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Real-Time Asset & Inventory Software Company Welcomes Serial Technology Entrepreneur

Mike Seashols
Executive Chairman
Mike Seashols

Irving, Texas: Apptricity announces that Mike Seashols will be joining Apptricity as Executive Chairman.

Before joining Apptricity, Mike worked as the first VP of Marketing and Sales at Oracle thru their IPO. He also led 3 different software companies as the founding CEO, guiding each of them to successful IPOs.  Mike next became the CEO at GoldenGate Software which would eventually be purchased by Oracle. Mike brings his vast experience from Silicon Valley where he led a number of emerging high-growth businesses directly to Apptricity.

The opportunity to join Tim & his team is exciting for me. I am looking forward to being personally involved in the industry’s transformation to a new set of real-time applications.

The impact of IoT devices for connectivity, mobile 5G for unprecedented communications bandwidth, and AI to gain insights and predictability is bringing a new approach on asset management and security.

The impact that Apptricity’s real-time asset and inventory management applications is delivering to government and commercial organizations is astounding” says Mike. “Exciting times for everyone.”

I have known and worked with Mike for several decades and have personally experienced his positive impact on an organization. Apptricity is entering an exciting new phase of our expansion and growth as we experience the impact of 5G and AI on our IoT business.”, says Tim Garcia, founder and CEO at Apptricity.

“Mike’s experience to assist us in our product & market strategies plus our execution is invaluable.   The entire team at Apptricity, along with our partners and customers will all benefit from having Mike involved in Apptricity.”

Apptricity is partnering with a number of organizations to accelerate market awareness, to determine value and return on investment, and for delivery & installation assistance.   Typically the time to design and install the Apptricity applications range from a few weeks to a few months.  The return on investment on these types of applications are usually within a single year.


About Apptricity: Apptricity Corporation is a global enterprise software provider of real-time cloud-based enterprise applications that utilize IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), M2M (Machine to Machine), and deployment on any worldwide mobile network architecture. Apptricity brings platform agnostic real-time software solutions that integrate seamlessly within any popular ERP vendor’s applications.

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