Read how Apptricity’s Connected Service Vehicle (CSV) utilizes IoT technology to achieve real-time visibility for vehicles and the valuable equipment they carry.

Connected Service Vehicles utilizing IoT Technology

An Apptricity connected vehicle provides fleet managers and supply chain managers a 360-degree, real-time, accountability solution. Significant ROI is achieved by reduction of inventory field shortages and overstock situations as well as route efficiencies.

What are the key benefits of an Apptricity CSV solution? The key benefit solutions of an Apptricity CSV are to provide real-time location visibility for every service, delivery vehicle, and the current on-board equipment and inventory. Learn why Verizon chose the Apptricity solution here.

How does the Apptricity solution work? How do repair or installation vehicle crews utilize IoT-connected devices to allow exceptional visibility?

The IoT devices are connected to the software cloud that manages and reveals the location, on board equipment quantities, and work orders for the day.

The three-component system is simple, safe, and accurate. The first component is the family of I-Connect Edge Devices with RFID tags and/or BLE Beacons. The second is the Apptricity Asset and Inventory Management software application. Finally, the Apptricity Field Services Mobile software application is utilized to give drivers a full picture of what is on the vehicle and the work orders for the day.

I-Connect Edge Devices do exactly what their name implies. They sit on the edge of the Internet of Things to connect the vehicle and on-board equipment information into a fully automated tracking and inventory cloud solution. These devices scan for RFID or Bluetooth-tagged assets allowing for a real-time view. The I-Connect device then updates the equipment and inventory immediately, ensuring everyone on the team has real-time access to the actual contents and location of every vehicle and who is responsible for it. 

Apptricity Asset and Inventory Management Software provides vehicle loadout profiles, manages equipment and inventory whereabouts, and who maintains responsibility for all of it. Typically, equipment is tracked as either an asset or an inventory item. Assets remain with the vehicle for usage during the day and inventory is utilized and remains at the off-site location. If an item is detected missing, or too much inventory is leaving the vehicle, an alert is sent to the driver/dispatch showing the missing items.

The Apptricity Field Services Mobile application provides technicians/drivers with a real-time view of their vehicle and equipment inside. Most technicians usually have a list of work orders or a dispatcher sending them to their next work order location. Apptricity’s application allows technicians to see real-time updates to their available inventory and completed work orders based on tag scans. Full mapping functionality for turn-by-turn directions and efficient routes can also be accessed.

Apptricity’s CSV is created to be a well-connected solution that provides total visibility into each vehicle’s location and transparency into each vehicle’s current assets of equipment and inventory. Drivers can focus on work orders and corresponding tools and inventory for each order while supporting the efficiency of turn-by-turn directions.

The ability to bring focused solutions to your field service efforts is here. Contact us to see how we can help. Visit us next week when we explore Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and  how to choose the right tagging for IoT in Retail.

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