Ready… Set… Sale Starts Now! Is your Supply Chain Prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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If you’re on the hunt for a new flat screen TV, then you love these 2 days!  But if you are a Supply Chain professional, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are most likely your worst nightmare.  Apptricity would love to help you out during the holiday seasons with our Supply Chain Management solutions!  To start, we have compiled a list of 3 simple steps that will help you through the upcoming retail chaos. shutterstock_259339190

1.      Automate your Inventory Management System:

With an automated inventory management system, such as Apptricity Inventory, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush will seem like any other day!  Your supply chain will greatly benefit from at-a-glance visibility.  You will know exactly how much of each product you have in stock, that way you know well in advance if you need to increase your inventory in preparation for the holiday shopping weekend.

2.      Organize your Distribution Center with Apptricity Warehouse:

Speed up your picking and shipping process by easily identifying the location of your items.  Most Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers are shopping for their December holiday items, which in turn means that they are expecting quick turn-around time with the delivery on their purchases.  There is no better way to ensure quick delivery, whether it be directly to the client or to the store, than an automated view of your warehouse inside and out!  With a view of your warehouse on a mobile device, you will eliminate all the wasted time of searching through your paper records to find where you put that flat screen TV everyone wants.

3.      Organize your system with Work Order:

Organization is key to a successful sale.  Keep your team organized with Apptricity Work Order.  You can schedule and assign work orders directly from your mobile device, which will keep things running quickly and efficiently.  It will also keep managers and executives in the know, ensuring timely completion of designated tasks.

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