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Manage all retail assets and inventory with Apptricity’s IoT tracking devices and cloud-hosted asset management solution.

Provide quantity updates in real-time with Automated Cycle Counting

    • Apptricity’s I-Connect Controllers can scan RFID or Bluetooth tags associated with retail items to automatically update the quantity on hand
    • Integration with your Point of Sale (PoS) system allows you to compare the quantities reported by each system

    Eliminate time spent looking for missing items with Apptricity’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

        • Using fixed readers and Apptricity’s algorithm powered by machine learning, IPS converts signal strength between reader and tag into coordinates on a floor map, all in near real-time

    Reduce “Out of Stock” events with real-time alerts and notifications

        • When an item reaches or falls below a user-defined quantity threshold, alerts are triggered to notify users that stock levels are low
        • Purchase orders can be auto-generated to replenish stock when the reorder point is reached


    Cut your procurement cost and labor hours looking for your inventory and assets by up to 95%

    Billions of Assets Tracked Globally

    Trillions In Asset Value


    Immediate Access

    Access inventory data for any location from your phone, tablet, or computer, with our browser-based applications and Android/iOS applications.

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    Immediate Insight

    Dashboards and reports offer immediate insight into stock levels, orders, quantity in transit, and much more.

    asset lifecycle

    Immediate Action

    By linking alerts to system actions, Apptricity automates the order and replenishment process, giving you the ability to take immediate action on critical issues. Other alerts can be established and linked with other application workflows to support quick response to issues that may arise.

    Adaptable and On-Demand Devices

    Adaptable Cloud Processing

    Our cloud solutions are hosted in a SOC1, SOC2, or for higher security FedRamp High datacenter. We implement our solution in a single tenet private cloud environment.  We provide the highest level of security for your data.

    On-Demand Access

    Work online or offline. Automatically synchronize data when you reconnect into a WiFi, LTE or Satellite network.

    Manage Assets on Any Device 

    Apptricity’s Mobile Asset Management software provides a real-time asset tracking solution on any iOS or Android device.

    See What Our Customers Say!

    The Interface

    “In addition to interfacing with existing legacy systems, Apptricity’s advanced service-oriented architecture allowed our business to replace several homegrown applications with a web-services based asset tracking app.”

    The Relationship

    “It’s essential that we maintain positive supplier relationships and the Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but leverage cost savings from process improvements in our interactions.”

    The Savings

    “Apptricity solutions have enabled us to not only communicate better with our suppliers, but also gain significant savings through improvements in process management as it relates to customer and employee interactions thanks to their mobile asset tracking system.”

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