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rfid tag

This tech offers one of the most efficient ways of tracking important assets. We have a wide range of RFID options and experience tracking millions of assets worldwide for multinational corporations and government agencies.

Our RFID technology provides the most extensive, affordable, and comprehensive solution on the market. RFID technology is the cornerstone for our I-Connect Controllers, our IoT EDGE devices. Here, we use both passive and active (battery-powered) RFID tags to track assets, personnel, and inventory, along with sensory data like temperature, moisture, and light.

We work with you to identify the exact tag technology that is needed for every environment, including direct metal attachment, clean rooms, unique label material, and more.

Distance: 3-5 Meters

These tags are perfect when space is tight or discretion is needed.

Distance: 4-6 Meters

Ideal are ideally used when the large label is not an option your tracking solution.

Distance: 5-7 Meters

Ideal for license plates, pallets, or other large items.

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