RFID Technology: Beyond Asset Tracking

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Often when one thinks of RFID technology, the first thought to mind might be of asset tracking for retail. According to new studies, the RFID tags use of RFID technology is expected to rise in all industries, especially in healthcare. The study suggests the healthcare market is expected to witness 3.89 billion dollars of RFID technology to monitor product and patient tracking until 2022.

You might be wondering, why the need for RFID technology beyond retail asset tracking? There are several factors. RFID and Smart Face Technology are expected to be most popular in demand to track efficiency and accuracy of inventory and supply. The root cause driving so much demand recently is the cost of lives, lost inventory, and medical deficiency errors. The need for inventory management of blood and blood monitoring systems, as well as the need to track patient and pharmaceuticals are a raising concern for RFID tracking abilities as well.

On the other hand, RFID is also being used to attempt to not only save lives in the hospital, but also to save lives in life-threatening situations. A biohacker wants to make guns safer by using RFID chip implants to activate the trigger. In an attempt to make gun-use safer, the prototype forearm is mean to be unlocked when a user is wearing a wristband or ring that picks them up; for example, gun use can not only be triggered by RFID tags, but can now be tracked to enhance public safety.

Although the hardware technology is a great solution for such asset tracking or components like gun safety, there is a need for a software solution to collect the data. Apptricity asset and inventory tracking software solutions are the perfect backbone to any RFID system, providing real-time visibility from any internet-enabled device. To take an RFID system from just improving inventory accuracy, automated tracking software also improves supply chain strategy, customer satisfaction, and other aspects of any successful retail or healthcare business.

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