Top Reasons to Consider Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software allowing you to track regardless of location all in one easy-to-use system
Supply Chain Management Software allowing you to track assets regardless of location all in one easy-to-use system

Why should I consider supply chain management software?

Technology is constantly changing, and how organizations do business is changing with it, especially when it comes to supply chain management (SCM). Computers have become more powerful and compact. Internet connectivity gains reliability and effectiveness each day, and US employee culture continues to shift towards a hybrid or entirely remote work approach. The biggest change, however, comes in the form of mobile technology. Mobile phones, specifically smartphone devices, as we know them have only been in existence since the later 2000s. Yet, in today’s world, mobile phones and their applications give organizations the ability to run their entire enterprise from the palm of their hand.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of mobile technology, supply chain management can now be successfully executed on a smartphone. It is one of the most transformative aspects of the global supply chain, regardless of what service or industry sector your organization serves. If you have not streamlined and upgraded your SCM operation to increase efficiency, it is time to consider doing so.

Why is supply chain management software essential for your business?

Mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have made connectivity and visibility easier and more accessible than ever. Supply chain management software capitalizes on these upgrades and allows users to streamline their supply chain operations. This has helped the industry automate logistics, asset and inventory management, customer relationship management and more. With the proper SCM software, especially software that includes mobile applications, you can automate your tracking and customize triggers for tasks such as work orders, maintenance requests, geofencing alerts, and more. This results in increased productivity, enhanced accountability, and improved ROI.

What can you do with supply chain management software?

There are several features your organization can accomplish with supply chain management software. Through an IoT SCM mobile application, you could have real-time, 360-degree visibility no matter where you are in the world. Not convinced yet? Here are just a few things supply chain management software can do for your organization:

End-to-End Inventory Management

Your inventory is obviously one the most important assets your organization has. Inventory items staying too long on shelves, expiring product that could have been shipped earlier, deliveries that never arrive or are shipped to the wrong location – these are common examples of a manual inventory management process. What if we told you that not only can you view, track, and manage all your inventory from a mobile device, but you could also optimize stock levels across locations, streamline your FIFO (first in first out) process, make your pick-pack-ship process more rapid, all within one system? “But how?” you say. Glad you asked. Your inventory is vital, and you need to be able to track all of it whether from procurement of raw materials all the way to distribution of the finished products. Our IoT supply chain management software paired with the best, cost-efficient IoT devices available allows you to build upon existing barcode tracking, use stronger and better devices to scan entire warehouses and enclosed vehicles quickly, and even automate inventory scans so that your software has the most up-to-date inventory data. For retail, this coverage is from onboard inventory, to the warehouse, to the storefront, to end distribution. For construction, this encapsulates heavy equipment, check-in, check-out, geofenced locations, accountable asset home zones, and so much more. Same goes for healthcare, city and state government, law enforcement, energy, etc. If you have high-value inventory items, you can know what you have and where you have them from end-to-end. That’s just one perk of a supply chain management software solution.

Simplify your logistics

Automating and enhancing your logistics management with your SCM software helps you link all components together. Due to the reliability of GPS asset tracking, you will be able to track in real-time asset, onboard inventory, and vehicle location within one application. Know the movement of your assets and inventory, from the time they leave the warehouse to the time they are delivered. An exceptional SCM software (like Apptricity) can also assign docks for loading and unloading the items as well as automatically updating inventory levels.

Better, data-driven decision-making

By having as much data at your fingertips as possible, you will be able to make better, data-driven decisions about your business. Export the most beneficial reports and use them to enhance each touchpoint of your supply chain. This is the part where you begin to see a real difference in your bottom line. The ROI will speak for itself. Reduced shrinkage, maximized lifecycle for your most expensive assets and inventory items, optimized stock shipments to locations that sell particular products the fastest, FIFO efficiency, quicker and more reliable shipments, and finally, sitting back and letting your supply chain work for you while you manage it all from the palm your hand. Whew, the letters SCM never sounded so good together!

Are you convinced yet? Don’t take our word for it, book a demo to see the software in action and what it can do for your organization.

Those are just a few of the features that Apptricity’s supply chain management software can offer your organization. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Friend. If you want to see it in action, book a demo and one of our prospect success executives will get in contact with you to customize it according to your particular business needs. Eliminate discrepancies, keep a finger on the pulse of your supply chain, and get better, data-driven decisions for your team. That’s supply chain management software.

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