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Automated Invoice Solution

Work smarter with real-time access to invoices on any device, anywhere. From creation to settlement and real-time reporting, we have completely streamlined the invoice management process. Our AP Automation solutions digitize invoices at an unprecedented speed with our state-of-the-art Machine Learning OCR. It extracts data and even structural information (such as headings, titles, labels, etc.) from paper documents, emails, spreadsheets, and more. Apply exceptions & rules to audits before or after processing with real-time visibility and a permanent transaction history.

Reduce Invoice Searches with Alerts

You’ll save time by eliminating paper file searches and in keeping processes running smoothly, through generating alerts during the approval process. Reduce costs of manual invoice processing by as much as 70% through automating the entire invoice management process. Apptricity Invoice visual user interface allows for quick adoption with your users.

  • Apptricity’s Invoice management system does much more than convert paper to digital images. Data extraction from invoices by OCR, EDI, email, and spreadsheet; store them online; route them for approval and audit; and prepare them for payment.
  • You save time, money and valuable AP resources by automating and streamlining your entire AP process from invoice creation to settlement.

Save Money with Vendor Payment Term Alerts

Get the most value from supplier relationships. Apptricity Invoice tracks all vendor discounts with expiration notices and real-time reporting to ensure you keep all the savings you negotiate.

  • Bridge the gap between you and your suppliers with Apptricity Invoice. You’ll improve visibility, expedite order delivery and submit timely payments to ensure valuable vendor discounts.
  • Increase vendor discounts up to 70%, by leveraging net payment terms and decreasing the time spent with invoice approvals.

Full Operational Spend Visibility

When implemented with Apptricity Procure-to-Pay, you can link invoice data with POs, and PRs with other online documents in your accounting system, to ensure your purchase orders match shipping, receiving and payment. Your invoice management system can make this process efficient and painless with full visibility of every transaction.

Automated Invoice Processing Workflows

No more paper! Now you can enter invoices online, by OCR scan and EDI, and from spreadsheets and email. Apptricity Invoice detects duplicate invoices and tracks vendor discounts to maximize savings.

Invoices are routed for approval and audit using the business rules that you enter. Our powerful rules engine enforces rules down to the line item and distribution level for GL accounts. And approvers get reminders so you’ll meet commitment dates.

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