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Streamline Your Supply Chain by Automating Procurement, End to End

Apptricity Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Software Application streamlines procurement by automating the entire process from requisition to reimbursement. You get much more than just electronic invoice processing with our easy-to-use web and mobile interface.

Our procure to pay systems let you say goodbye to paper filing and lower paper costs by switching to optical character recognition software. With one click from your smartphone you can start creating an editable document or spreadsheet to file your paper receipts, bill of sale or report. End manual paper filling for good and improve accuracy, compliance and visibility of all records from end to end with procurement software that works for your business.

Reduce room for error with procure to pay software solutions by linking invoices to purchase orders, requests and other documents for order processing. Approval workflows can be streamlined to ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency from start to finish. Affirm accuracy with filling and record keeping for accounts payable with automation and full visibility of all documentation to each vendor. Perform audits before and after processing and create a permanent transaction history for your records so you never lose track.

Streamline P2P Workflow

Streamline your entire procure to pay process from requisition to PO. Scan, enter, store, and route all documents online for approval, audit, and payment. Our procure to pay solution spans from invoice creation to settlement.

Maximize Savings with Preferred Vendor Catalog

Restrict employee catalog orders to vendors with negotiated prices and terms. Track discounts and apply them to invoices to maximize your savings.

Easy to Create Reports & Auditing

Perform exception and rule-based audits before or after processing. Receive real-time visibility with permanent transaction history.

Visibility From Requisition to Procurement to Payment

Link invoices with POs, PRs, and other documents online. Superior contract management ensures orders match shipping, receiving, and payment. Our procure to pay solution provides intelligent analytics, reporting, and KPIs. Gain access to real-time knowledge of spend and status.

P2P Workflow

Track spending, status, and payment in real-time. It becomes easier to adhere to company policy for all approvals and audits. This cloud-based purchase to pay system uses your business rules to monitor compliance, speed up process and track spending giving you control and removing room for error in the process. Your corporate policies and compliance standards have to adhere to certain standards. Take the burden off your team and increase productivity with a cloud based P2P solution that works for you.

Procure departments can track discounts and apply them to all invoices and payments, so you’ll maximize savings through unequalled spend management. Procure to pay software captures every available saving from vendor discounts. It reduces the cost of goods and services. It improves employee efficiency and increases visibility with intelligent analytics. This procure to pay solution contains better reporting and KPIs. It also fully integrates with your ERP and AP systems.


Spend Management Solutions

Apptricity Spend Management Application includes any of the below product integrations, in any combination. Choose what fits your needs!

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Apptricity Integrates with Any ERP


Included Connectors for Common ERPs

Our ERP integration enables our software product data to and consumed from external sources.

We can accept data in the form of Web Services, XML, EDI, CSV, vendor specific (such as SAP iDocs), or flat file formats.



JD Edwards

Microsoft Dynamics






Streamline Your Processes With IoT

IoT Wheel

Global Real-Time Insight

With Real Time Location Services, you can see your global assets and inventory.

Any Device and Network

Cloud-based M2M and on-premise devices deliver cost-effective, scalable options, for asset and inventory tracking.

Tracking Tags For Every Situation

Choose the best tracking tags for your type of asset. You have the freedom to choose which tags fit your budget, or asset category without the worry of software compatibility into your ERP system.

Tracking Devices That Provide Real-Time Visibility

iot hardware diagram

Learn More about Tracking Devices

Find out how our IoT devices can streamline your processes – anywhere, any time, any device. Read about which types of devices are made for your specific needs.

How Apptricity's Flexible Technology Simplifies Your Life

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Technology Innovation

Apptricity applications are platform agnostic and highly adaptable. They run on any standard operating system, web browser, application server or mobile technology platforms for iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile tablets.

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Flexible & Easy Configuration

Our business rules engine, workflow and integrated administration tools enable your administrators to dynamically make configurations without IT team assistance. Our applications readily adapt to your organization’s business logic, rules, best practices and compliance requirements.

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Scale Faster at Lower Cost

As your business grows and changes, Apptricity mobile & web integrations remain intact, readily migrating when needed and adapting easily to new business requirements – all at a low cost.

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Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Apptricity provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop application-specific reports.

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Rapid Upgrades

Apptricity implements new features quickly and at a much lower cost. Migrating to a new version can occur in as little as one month. Customizations roll-over to new releases. We respond rapidly to changing business requirements and technologies without the risk of incompatibility.

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Secure Systems

Our solutions deliver the same advantages regardless of your organization’s size growth trajectory. Our software meets the highest security standards, and we extend the same security we offer our government clients to our commercial clients: no possibility of a data breach or comingled data.


Travel & Expense Overview

Apptricity Travel & Expense automates and simplifies how you authorize, enter, review, escalate, approve, and audit travel and expense transactions.

TEM Management

Expense Overview

Apptricity Expense automates and simplifies your expense management processes across your enterprise. Authorize, enter, review, escalate, approve and audit expense transactions from one easy solution.

Expense Management

Invoice Overview

The power of Apptricity Invoice goes beyond simple scanning and automation of invoice management to reduce paperwork.

Invoice Management

Spend Management Overview

With Apptricity Spend Management, you and your employees gain end-to-end visibility, faster procurement, simpler purchasing, easier payment, and greater compliance.

Spend Management

Procure to Pay Overview

Procure-to-Pay streamlines corporate procurement by automating the entire process from requisition to reimbursement.

P2P Management

Testimonials From Apptricity Customers & Partners